Technical Festivals: The Building Stone For Engineering Students…

Engineering: “The Action to Artfully Design, Innovate and Beautify a Certain Thing”. Engineering Being An Application Based Professional Field Demands Your Skill As Well As Your Technical Knowledge. It Is A Field That Also Demands Your Contribution, Virtues, Discipline and Team Work. Being An Engineering Student We Are Here To Develop and Nourish Our Skills. It’s totally about Your Talent in Practical Application.


Technical Festivals Are The Helping Hand In Our Development As Engineers. These Festivals Helps Us To Ascertain That We Are Growing Day By Day In Our Field And Emulating Ourselves. Through This You Could Come In Action And Enjoy Being An Engineer. This Tech-fests Helps Us Feel Good about Whatever We Are Doing Being Engineers. It Teaches Us Multitasking, Team Building, Logical Reasoning And Much More Things.

In Technical Festivals Other Than Just Participating We Could Learn Many Other Things. It Is A Pleasant Experience To Be A Part Of It. It Teaches Us About New Technologies, New Invention And We Could Explore Ourselves Through These Festivals. These Festivals Are Usually Aimed To Discover The Creativity Hidden Inside Students. Other Than Just Aiming Towards Textbook Based Learning It Is Aimed Towards Application Based Learning. It Aims To Develop A Sense of Awareness Among Students Regarding Engineering. Through Technical Festivals you can do on Field application of whatever you have learned. It’s a kind of workspace where you can enjoy your learning.

As Being Engineers We Cannot Survive The Whole Professional Life With A Static Knowledge. This Field Is Getting Updated Daily. Around us we can observe that Daily New Creations, Inventions are taking Place. Engineering is such a field which develops and Recreates itself daily. So We Have To Continuously Keep Ourselves Updating.

Engineering Is Not Just About Creating or Building Something, it’s About Designing, Innovating and Developing. And Here In Technical Festivals We Become Engineers in Action!


A Magnificent Day…


On the chilly winter morning of 12th January 2013 I woke up with lots of dreams and lots of hope in my eyes. Every minute of that morning was running like an hour for me. I was too much happy that day. I looked outside the window and in the darkness I could see the moonlight making every corner enlighten. I could barely sleep the previous night. My parents made me sleep earlier the previous night as I had to wake up early the next morning. But the night was too hard for me to spend. I was not able to sleep easily but the thought and dreams of the coming day made me sleep. Normally I sleep very hard. But that day I woke up before my Mom and was waiting for my Mom to call me. With one call I jumped from my bed like a sudden shock and immediately went to get ready.  My mind was constantly busy thinking about the day. And it was obvious for me to think this much as it was going to be my first trip with friends in my whole school life. Well, this could be hard for anybody to believe but this fact is true. I got ready by 3:00 in the morning. I was totally ready to reach my school for the trip.


My parents got me to the school by 4:00 in the morning. I could still remember in the darkness of the school premises I was all alone as I had arrived a little early. My excitement was far more than anybody else. I wasn’t able to wait even a single minute to reach school. It was like I was still dreaming. I was nostalgic about my past in which I wasn’t able to take part in trip. But for then I was happy for taking the part in trip. I think that it was the best day for me at that point of time. Without mincing with words I would love to say that it was one of the best days of my life.

Slowly my friends and teachers arrived. I was just flying above the sky. My preparation for the picnic had started a week ago. I just wanted to be happy about going for the trip. I wasn’t able to control myself from talking about the picnic even a single minute. My childhood friend, my best friend was also coming in the trip. I was very happy about it. We had been together since our lower K.G. and even today though we meet often but we are always in touch with each other. Our fields are different, dreams are different but still we are one and the same for each other. Even my favorite teachers were coming for the picnic. That day I felt that Good Days Comes so often…and we should make most of it. We got ourselves into the bus. Our whole class was joining the trip.

I was just making beautiful memories with those sweet moments. Our trip started. I sat besides my best Friend. I was unable to believe that the trip had started. As I said it my first ever picnic trip with friends this feeling was natural for me to have. My teachers, my classmates were so happy to see me join the trip.

In our trip we were to visit a Marine National Park. We walked up to some distance inside the sea and saw many marine creatures. As it was early morning so at that time tides were not there in the sea so we were able to walk inside. Then in the evening we visited another small beach and rested there. We had lunch in the afternoon. The lunch was truly tasty. I remember me and my best friend sitting by the seashore. We wrote our names on the sand there. That’s true that with one wave of sea the name on the sands were erased but the sweetest memories which got imprinted in my mind could never be erased.

Happiness, love, hope all got together at that moment in my life.  In the evening we played games with friends and enjoyed it. Then we sat back in the bus to conclude our trip. We were tired at that time but the tiredness was not able to takeover our happiness. I wished the day was little longer. We danced in the bus, sang songs and cherished beautiful memories of our trip. We came back to school at 8:00 P.M. My Dad had arrived to receive me. My teacher thanked my dad for sending me to the trip. My dad was also happy. The Day was coming to an end but my thoughts, my memories were not. On my way back home I kept describing about my trip to my Dad. It was like  living the day once again.

It was really one of the most enjoyed days of my life.

Turn Off Your Exam Stress

Well they say examinations are the toughest phase in a student’s life.

Well before buying the above line please read the following blog:


In Student Life the most important and difficult point comes while facing the examinations. Examinations are such things which may give birth to fear and anxiety in some students. As the exam date approaches we start having more tension and more burdens on ourselves. And it is natural in the life of every student. We become very much tension-ed  with the thought of exams. Sometimes the stress level is so high that you may forget what you had remembered earlier. Everything starts erasing from your mind. And that point increases more stress.

Well, there are some tips which can help you to give a stress free examination and will help you to reduce your stress and feel relaxed and confident for your examination.

  1. Day to Day Preparation


Many students have the habit to start preparation only before a month or so of the exam.

Well, it may not help everybody. You must do day to day preparation for your examination.

Whatever is being thought in the school you should prepare it the same day. This will help you in to understand the concept more clearly and you will be able to easily answer the questions.

You can easily connect the ideas and can grasp more easily the later concepts.



  1. Note Down your difficult points


It may quite happen that you will be having some doubts in some concepts. Don’t keep them as it is. Solve them. Don’t keep them unsolved till the date of examination. Do revise what you know but at the same time try to solve difficult concepts. Try to analyze your difficulty by your own first and then approach to your teacher. If you have cleared one doubt then revise it within 24 hours so that you can get a command over that concept.


  1. Stay Focused


While preparing one concept stay focused on it. Don’t diverge from your topic. This may break your link and you may forget your concept which can eventually result into generating stress.


  1. Review What You Read


After preparing a certain topic don’t jump immediately to another topic. Take a small break and review what you read and then start with another topic.

This will help you to remember the concept for longer period of time.



  1. Don’t Skip Practice Tests


In school or colleges you are often given practice for the main exam by providing you practice test or Mid – Semester exams. We sometime don’t take such tests seriously. But it helps to build our confidence level and helps us to face the exam without any fear.

So never ever skip such exams rather attempt them with full preparation. And as it is said,” Practice makes A Man Perfect”.

So do get enough practice before exam.




  1. Get All The Required Things


Before going to the exam hall you should assemble all the required things for the exam such as Pencil, Pen, Eraser, Compass, etc. In the hurry of exam you should not forget to bring the required things in the exam hall. It may generate tension in the last minute. So better ready all those things early so that you can avoid last minute hurry.

7. Listen To Motivating Thoughts

Keep listening to inspiring and motivating thoughts. Avoid listening to people who generate unnecessary tension in your mind regarding exam. Stay motivated. Write your exam with a calm mind. In the exam hall also avoid talking with friends. This will help you stay calm and focused.

8. Start With Easy Question

While writing your exam you should start with the question which is easy for you. It will raise your confidence level and you would be able to answer the later section properly. Always write the answer with full confidence.


9. Time Management

This is the most important thing to be taken into consideration while writing any exam. You should be able to complete the paper within time. If you complete paper in time then you would be able to review what you have written and it will help you correct your silly mistakes.

Manage your time properly and do complete practice for it in your practice tests.


These tips will help you to avoid unnecessary stress before and during exams. Perform your exam with full confidence.

After you finish your paper don’t think about it anymore. Think about the next paper. Don’t calculate your marks or match your answer with other after finishing your paper.

Calculating marks immediately after main exam may result into unnecessary tension in your mind. Avoid having that thing and start thinking about the next paper. Moreover you should analyze your mistakes in the mid-semester or practice exams and avoid doing it in the main exams. So forget the finished paper and look forward for the next paper and try to perform well in that paper. Exam time can be passed happily and with less stress if  you  follow these points.


Hope that these points will help you reduce your stress.