A Magnificent Day…


On the chilly winter morning of 12th January 2013 I woke up with lots of dreams and lots of hope in my eyes. Every minute of that morning was running like an hour for me. I was too much happy that day. I looked outside the window and in the darkness I could see the moonlight making every corner enlighten. I could barely sleep the previous night. My parents made me sleep earlier the previous night as I had to wake up early the next morning. But the night was too hard for me to spend. I was not able to sleep easily but the thought and dreams of the coming day made me sleep. Normally I sleep very hard. But that day I woke up before my Mom and was waiting for my Mom to call me. With one call I jumped from my bed like a sudden shock and immediately went to get ready.  My mind was constantly busy thinking about the day. And it was obvious for me to think this much as it was going to be my first trip with friends in my whole school life. Well, this could be hard for anybody to believe but this fact is true. I got ready by 3:00 in the morning. I was totally ready to reach my school for the trip.


My parents got me to the school by 4:00 in the morning. I could still remember in the darkness of the school premises I was all alone as I had arrived a little early. My excitement was far more than anybody else. I wasn’t able to wait even a single minute to reach school. It was like I was still dreaming. I was nostalgic about my past in which I wasn’t able to take part in trip. But for then I was happy for taking the part in trip. I think that it was the best day for me at that point of time. Without mincing with words I would love to say that it was one of the best days of my life.

Slowly my friends and teachers arrived. I was just flying above the sky. My preparation for the picnic had started a week ago. I just wanted to be happy about going for the trip. I wasn’t able to control myself from talking about the picnic even a single minute. My childhood friend, my best friend was also coming in the trip. I was very happy about it. We had been together since our lower K.G. and even today though we meet often but we are always in touch with each other. Our fields are different, dreams are different but still we are one and the same for each other. Even my favorite teachers were coming for the picnic. That day I felt that Good Days Comes so often…and we should make most of it. We got ourselves into the bus. Our whole class was joining the trip.

I was just making beautiful memories with those sweet moments. Our trip started. I sat besides my best Friend. I was unable to believe that the trip had started. As I said it my first ever picnic trip with friends this feeling was natural for me to have. My teachers, my classmates were so happy to see me join the trip.

In our trip we were to visit a Marine National Park. We walked up to some distance inside the sea and saw many marine creatures. As it was early morning so at that time tides were not there in the sea so we were able to walk inside. Then in the evening we visited another small beach and rested there. We had lunch in the afternoon. The lunch was truly tasty. I remember me and my best friend sitting by the seashore. We wrote our names on the sand there. That’s true that with one wave of sea the name on the sands were erased but the sweetest memories which got imprinted in my mind could never be erased.

Happiness, love, hope all got together at that moment in my life.  In the evening we played games with friends and enjoyed it. Then we sat back in the bus to conclude our trip. We were tired at that time but the tiredness was not able to takeover our happiness. I wished the day was little longer. We danced in the bus, sang songs and cherished beautiful memories of our trip. We came back to school at 8:00 P.M. My Dad had arrived to receive me. My teacher thanked my dad for sending me to the trip. My dad was also happy. The Day was coming to an end but my thoughts, my memories were not. On my way back home I kept describing about my trip to my Dad. It was like  living the day once again.

It was really one of the most enjoyed days of my life.


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