Technical Festivals: The Building Stone For Engineering Students…

Engineering: “The Action to Artfully Design, Innovate and Beautify a Certain Thing”. Engineering Being An Application Based Professional Field Demands Your Skill As Well As Your Technical Knowledge. It Is A Field That Also Demands Your Contribution, Virtues, Discipline and Team Work. Being An Engineering Student We Are Here To Develop and Nourish Our Skills. It’s totally about Your Talent in Practical Application.


Technical Festivals Are The Helping Hand In Our Development As Engineers. These Festivals Helps Us To Ascertain That We Are Growing Day By Day In Our Field And Emulating Ourselves. Through This You Could Come In Action And Enjoy Being An Engineer. This Tech-fests Helps Us Feel Good about Whatever We Are Doing Being Engineers. It Teaches Us Multitasking, Team Building, Logical Reasoning And Much More Things.

In Technical Festivals Other Than Just Participating We Could Learn Many Other Things. It Is A Pleasant Experience To Be A Part Of It. It Teaches Us About New Technologies, New Invention And We Could Explore Ourselves Through These Festivals. These Festivals Are Usually Aimed To Discover The Creativity Hidden Inside Students. Other Than Just Aiming Towards Textbook Based Learning It Is Aimed Towards Application Based Learning. It Aims To Develop A Sense of Awareness Among Students Regarding Engineering. Through Technical Festivals you can do on Field application of whatever you have learned. It’s a kind of workspace where you can enjoy your learning.

As Being Engineers We Cannot Survive The Whole Professional Life With A Static Knowledge. This Field Is Getting Updated Daily. Around us we can observe that Daily New Creations, Inventions are taking Place. Engineering is such a field which develops and Recreates itself daily. So We Have To Continuously Keep Ourselves Updating.

Engineering Is Not Just About Creating or Building Something, it’s About Designing, Innovating and Developing. And Here In Technical Festivals We Become Engineers in Action!


2 thoughts on “Technical Festivals: The Building Stone For Engineering Students…

  1. Hey! Hii! I really enjoyed reading your post. It was an insight into the soul of Engineering. I loved how you gave its definition. Glad to know about Tech-Fests, turning theory to practical. A nice read. 😊😊
    Keep writing, and good to know you. 😄


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