Is Life A Struggle For One And All?

My Adamant reply is definitely a “Yes”. Yes, Life is a struggle for all. Without struggle We Can’t move forward in our long life and we can’t move the life also. Life is not an easy Task but is a struggling one. Even for a very Small Child it has to struggle a lot in its own way to speak, to understand our talks. When the tiny little Child’s walking time comes, it really has to struggle a lot to take a few steps with support but using its tiny little, soft legs. After this Struggle it has to struggle a lot on its own to walk without support and to run so if for a tiny child life is a struggle then what about us who are grown up human beings who have innumerable responsibilities and duties which are to be finished in our span of Life time.

Now, Let Me say A few Words of the word Struggle,


The original meaning of the word Struggle is to suffer a lot or take pain to meet our goals. To obtain success in our ambition or mission we have to struggle a lot. After a lots of struggle we get the positive result which is highly sweet. India’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s struggle in the months of 2014 before the Parliamentary  elections really gave him the sweet fruit of victory and he became India’s Prime Minister. So Struggle is the part and Parcel of our life to obtain our desires. Whenever I hear the word Struggle I remember India’s  Father Mahatma Gandhi Whose freedom struggle brought country India the Independence. So we must learn to take all the struggles of our life easily if we have to taste the grand success with 100% Happiness.


Ritu Iyer



Shower Of Love

On my Birthday On 10th June My Mother Shared her Blessings With Me With This Small Letter. I Am Thankful to You My Mother For This.
“Today Is My twin children’s Happy Birthday. I convey my best wishes and hearty blessings to my twin children. I pray to God for the Happiness, Health and success in their life. On the Rainy Day(Heavy Rain) 10-06-1998 I brought them into this World after taking a great Struggle. World’s Each and Every mother takes this Struggle of Creation when they bring a new human-being to this world. So Mother is called the Creator (i.e.,)Janani.
Today I bring into my memory those sweet memories of my twin children’s childhood days and pray to God once again for their happy and long life.”
Ritu Iyer

Shor: A Journey towards The Reality Called Life


On Sunday I got A beautiful chance to watch an old Hindi Movie. The movie was released in the year 1972. The movie is Titled “ Shor (Noise)” (Here,The word Shor is an Hindi Word).After watching the movie I Found it so heart touching that I Thought to share my thoughts and my ideas about the movie with all.
Neither a Spicy movie of that era nor it is a romantic love story of two love birds trying to get united. It is a movie which depicts the pure love between a Father and Son. A movie which describes the essence of life. A movie which shows all the dimensions of life, which shows you every fauve of life. It talks about Sacrifice, Love, Hard-work, Devotion, Integrity and the Struggle of a Normal man who wishes to fulfil his small but the only Dream of his life. If life had only single dimension then it would have been quite easier to spend the life commanding it to work your way and getting all things done. But this kind of life does not fit into the terms of a fruitful life, an adventures life. But this is just an ideal situation which I have talked about. In practical world this is not the case. Life has innumerable dimensions, undefined terms and unanswerable Questions within itself.
The movie has defines the above thoughts. It can be classified as a short story. The story all of sudden clicked into the mind of Manoj Kumar(Actor) which followed to the discovery of the movie Shor.
The movie talks about the highs and lows of life. Life is not a constant graph; it is a kind of analog Signal which keeps moving up and Down.


Story: The story revolves around the life of a Normal man Shankar (by Manoj Kumar), his wife Geeta (By Nanda) and their Son Deepak. Shankar is a small Mill worker. Even though having a income he manages and tries to keep his family happy. He has unconditional and pure love for his son and wife. But in an accident he loses his wife and his son’s voice. Shankar gets broken down by this incident. He is unable to accept the reality. Then his sole dream becomes to hear his son’s voice. He gets devoted to his dream. Many hurdles come in his path. He tries to get money for his son’s surgery through his mill income but the mill due to high debts gets shut down. He breaks down once more. He visits his village and tries to get money by selling his wife’s ornaments but that too were taken away by his brother in law. His friend Khan Badshah(by Prem Nath) tries to help him with money which gets stolen away by somebody else. After facing these many hurdles he losses hope to get his son voice back.
But after participating in a life threatening competition he finally manages to get the required amount of money for his son’s operation. But after operation he loses his power to listen in an accident. This is the paradox of the Title. A man whose only dream was to listen to his son was now unable hear anything.
The movie is a masterpiece in itself. The movie starts with the title itself. It shows Shankar being in midst of so much noise, but still his life is so silent, so quite. He has no inner peace; he is unable to find happiness in any other thing except his son’s voice. Though he does not shout but still we can listen to his silent cry, his pain. His only dream was to listen to his son’s voice. The Movie has clearly and beautifully described the feelings of a devastated Father’s Pain. Everything is described very beautifully. The struggle to get money for his son’s operation comes as the most difficult test of his life. His struggle to get back his son’s speech is very painful. And the time comes in his life where his dream is about to reach it’s destination. At this point of time he forgets the rest of the world and is totally engrossed in the thought of his son’s voice. He is insane about it. He becomes so happy that in that happiness he hurts himself. And this accident again turns his life. He loses his hearing power. He is incapable to bear this pain. The thing for which he was happy will no longer be heard by him. From now he is unable to hear anything. This creates frustration inside him. After passing through this stage comes the point of life where you have to accept the life. But still he is happy that his son’s voice is back. He then asks his son to sing the song which he wanted to listen through his voice. Though now he is unable to listen but his heart to feel his voice.
There is a song in this movie which related to this situation which is in Hindi:
“Kuch Pakar Khona Hai, Kuch Khokar Pana Hai”
This means,
“Gain something by losing something , lose something and you gain something”
You gain something in life only by losing something. Your hard-work, devotion, struggle is needed if you want to gain something.
This movie was a musical journey of Father and son’s life. This is a tale of love between father and his son. In the movie there is a character Rani (by Jaya Bachchan) who loves Shankar and later after Deepak’s Operation Gets married to Shankar. Even her character has been beautifully played by Jayaji. Life can’t always give you a happy Ending to everything. But it is you who can find happiness in every pain too.
The dialogues are extremely well groomed. The acting skills of the leads are too natural. Each and every scene has something to share with you. Each and every scene shares a different kind of pain with the viewers. The acting skills and the story have the power to melt anybody’s heart. The direction is also very excellently done. The production, direction is done by Manoj Kumar.
Shor is a beautiful journey towards the reality of life. It keeps you engaged till the end. In all it’s am excellent journey and an must watch.
The movie gives an excellent message to keep moving on in your life. You can learn a Lot from this movie. The real Essence of Life is Shown in the movie.It is the reason that I really found it an interesting movie. The movie is of the year 1972. I Watched it for the first time and found it so interesting and engaging that I thought to share the movie’s Experience with all.
In the Conclusion I would like to share the moral; the essence,the heart, the feelings of the story through few lines of a song of this movie.Here in this movie too the above situation is described. There is a song in the movie which could define the meaning in a better manner which is in Hindi:
“Jeevan Chalne Ka Naam, Chalto Raho Subah Shaam,
Ke rasta Kat Jayega Mitra, Ke Badal Chad Jayega Mitra,
Ke Dukh se Chup Na Mitra, Ke Ek Pal Rukh Na Mitra”
That Means:

“Life Is The Name Of Moving On, Move On Day And Night,
We Will Pass This Road Too My Friend, The Dark Clouds Will Shed Away My Friend,
Don’t Hide Away From The Struggle and Pain My Friend, Don’t Stop For Even a Moment My Friend”


From Left To right: Jaya Bachachan, Manoj Kumar,Prem Nath




Solace In Death

When British Princess Diana’s unexpected death occurred I was keeping myself in the place of a letter writer of the esteemed English Daily “The Times Of India”. I wrote one small letter about Diana’s cruel death which occurred due to Paparazzi in Paris to The Times of India, Ahemdavad. But the editor did not publish it.
On hearing the death of Princess Diana, I Remembered one touching poem of Mathew Arnold the British poet in which he speaks of the rest of a women takes only after her death. I compared Diana’s busiest, always moving running life with the Life of a busy women whom the poet speaks of and compared the unexpected death and the unending, forever rest to  which Princess Diana reached due to the death  to that rest of the poet’s Women. Frankly, at last Diana went  to peace and rest after only because she was constantly followed, chased and criticised and disturbed all over her life. Diana was not allowed to lead her life with peace and rest. The society and paparazzi, popularity went on disturbing her always and throughout her life and her soul was yearning for peace, rest, happiness and freedom. At last the paparazzi from which she was running to escape caused her running come to an end.




I can’t forgive the World’s media’s bad habit of disturbing and chasing after the celebrities of the World. In Princess Diana’s case the media’s hunger after celebrities culminated in that celebrity’s tragic death. Now before a few months Diana’s son & daughter in-law visited India and my memories about the letter I wrote during Diana’s death to TOI and the poem  which I referred to in that letter came to my mind.
I want to share that impressive, heart touching poem with the readers of this Blog. In that poem the poet brings before our Eyes the Restless, busy life of a powerful, highly popular women who at last gets her long expecting and yearning rest and peace in death. The Society makes the celebrity women’s life moving and running according to the society and media’s selfish popular chasings. Such is the Real life of Princess Diana.
Here is that poem.
Mathew Arnold’s Poem:

Strew on her roses, roses,
And never a spray of yew!
In quite she reposes;
Ah, would that I did too!
Her mirth the world required;
She bathed it in smiles of glee.
But her heart was tired, tired,
And now they let her be.
Her life was turning, turning,
In mazes of heat and sound.
But for peace her soul was yearning,
And now peace laps her round.
Her cabined, ample spirit,
It fluttered and failed for breath.
To-night it doth inherit
The vasty hall of death.

I Strongly feel, Diana Really lived the life the Mathew Arnold’s Poem Requiescat’s  the Poetic women Lived. I can’t forget Princess Diana and The Poem.

Ritu Iyer