The Precious Boon Of Planet Earth-Water

Whenever I see Ocean which is fully filled up with water even though the water is highly salty I feel very very  Happy. Ocean is my weakness and a favorite. I always feel my heart light and pleasant whenever I see myself in the seashores and riverbeds. Rivers, Waterfalls, lakes, streams all give the Pleasure of water. In our Universe our Earth is the one and the only lucky planet which has been blessed with water. Rain is the supplier of water all over the world. Rainy Water preservation and Protection is the important issue all over the world.


In other planets like Mars, Moon, etc you can’t see even a drop of water. No water remained signs even you can see there. So we should thank god for his grateful deed of providing water to our earth. I daily Pray to God that very soon all the other Planets of our galaxy should have both drinkable and usable water and oceans in their land. Is No Life Without Air There And Without Water there is No survival at all. Undoubtedly water is an unique wonder of this earth. India’s Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi in all His Monthly Radio Program“Mann Ki Baat” surely gives a few Minutes talk for water and it’s savings. Let Me pray to God For more and more water for Earth and other planets also.



Ritu Iyer


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