Thrilling Trains

Travelling in train is undoubtedly a thrilling and enjoyable experience. I am fond of trains. To tell frankly I am fond of railway stations. I like to watch the speedily moving passengers of railway stations by sitting silently in the platform seats. I really forget my worries, pains and troubles when I silently watch the railway stations movements and the running passengers. When I see the entering and leaving trains and hear the thundering sounds, my heart feels one peculiar excitement. I really mingle with all the things connected to the trains and railway stations. Last week I visited our city Rajkot’s railway station to give a nice send-off to our relatives.
My train travel experiences are mixed ones. Some are happy and others are quarrelsome. But one train journey i really created indelible shocking experience and memory of my life. This unhappy experience and incident of jumping out of the train in the wrong side of the platform of our railway station happened when I was returning to Rajkot from Pilgrim city Dwarka in Okha- Gorakhpur express. That time was Deepawali festival time and the labourers who were from northern- India states and were working in Gujarat’s Saurashtra region were in their hurry  and worry of reaching their native places using this train. As nearly 400 labourers tried to enter in the unreserved compartment in which I was travelling one very dangerous stampede like situation arose and we could not get down in our Rajkot station. This stampede like situation was in our Rajkot station. So, to  get down of the train we had to jump in the wrong side of the platform because the labourers who were trying hard to get into the train did not allow us to get down in our platform.


The noise of train or the sound of train, the crowd of railway station, the eateries and food stalls of the railway station, the passenger’s hurry, even the workers and the officers and waiting room of the railway station, all are my dearest things.
One shocking thing I noticed when I went to send – off my relatives last week was the cleanliness of the railway stations and the railway tracks. Yes, even the railway tracks were perfectly clean.

Thank you, Mr. Suresh Prabhu, our Railway Minister for this tremendous achievement of making our railway tracks clean ones. Now days, whenever I visit railway station, our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi occupies my thoughts. Our Prime Minister has a strong connection and attachment with railway stations and trains as a Tea Seller boy in his Childhood days. He himself has said this truth so many times. From Railway station to Red Fort!

I came to know of one highly shocking and praiseworthy truth about our railways in the year 2014 and in the month August. That truth is that in his childhood days and schooldays the Railways remained as the integral part of our beloved Prime Minister Of India Mr. Narendra Modi.
Do you know what kind of feeling I got on bearing this truth? My faith and Respect towards Railway Station increased to so many times. I am highly Impressed by the simplicity, honesty, service mindedness and humanity of our Prime Minister.

If Railways Station and trains remained as a part of our PM Modi’s  Life, I feel strongly that railway station and trains now seem to be the identities of one’s hard work, honesty and ambitions, Now I only think of our Prime Minister when I am standing in the railway station seeing the trains. Railway station looks like a “Karmayogi”. Trains are doing their selfless service to the society. Train leave the passengers and they take new passengers for leaving them in another place. I feel much respect towards the tea seller and all other working staff in the station due to their selfless service to the society.

Once when I was travelling in a long distance train, one tea seller young boy unknowingly poured hot tea over my lap and I did a heavy serious quarrel with him. Even my co passengers scolded him for his careless mistake. From then, I developed one kind of fear and hatred towards them.

But now my thinking has got transformed drastically. Now I am seeing them as Service minded people of the society. Without the tea seller, how can we get a hot tea or coffee in a running train in the cold mornings and rainy days?

I have one wish or dream. What is that? I belong to one very  small village of South India. Now I am in Rajkot city which is the commercial centre and capital of Saurashtra region of Gujarat. The railway department should reach this transport facility to even the remotest villages of our nation and almost all the cities and all the villages should have railway station and train travel comfort.

The train should be made the national vehicle or national travelling Machine of India and all the villages should have this facility.

I never want to leave the Railway Station. Trains are my Favourite vehicle.

So Indian Railways are the symbol of Honesty, Hard work, Selflessness and Impartially caring Motherhood. With these thoughts in my Mind I left Rajkot Railway station. My heart was heavy because I never want to go home from the Railway Station.

Ritu Iyer,