Women Winners !

Today is Women’s Day. Today in my Favourite English Daily I saw special happy news about Women Rickshaw Drivers of my town Rajkot. Really I feel very happy to hear this adventurous beginning our Rajkot and Saurashtra region’s women have taken in our male dominating society. I strongly feel that these kind of some unimaginable tasks are done by women nowadays and so women empowerment is not only in the women going to white collar jobs studying college education, the women empowerment is but also in obtaining the rare skills which have been till date fixed and labelled and allocated for only the male groups and getting jobs for their skills and talents in the fields of “Only Men Areas”.

Like Only Vimal (Brand Name), some skills and some adventures jobs are having the label, “Only Men Skills & Only Men Jobs”. But our Rajkot women Rickshaw drivers have really broken that barrier and wall which was standing between Men & Women even in the issue of obtaining skills and seeking jobs on the basis of talents and skill and have put their strong skillful foot in the challenging field. I convey this happy achievement of our Saurashtra Women to my supporting readers of our blog which is Talkative Tongue.

Happy Women’s Day to our TalkativeTongue readers.

I am very happy to share with you all Talkative Tongue readers our City Rajkot’s Women’s Day Happy News.


Ritu Iyer,


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