Tongue is the organ which is used in the talking process. Without Tongue the speech is completely impossible and speaking process is also equal to nil. But what is a Talkative Tongue? In our general life also the person who uses his or her Tongue always is called Talkative. Yes, Talkative Girl, Talkative Boy, Talkative Lady. The meaning is talking is going on continuously and nearly nonstop. Moreover the Talkative people leave no subject Unhandled or Untalked of. All the subjects take place in the Tongue of a talkative person.

So our Blog is such a Blog which will convey its voice and which will relay its talks not only always but also in almost all the subjects and incidents of the Universe.

I Hope surely that our blog Readers will lend their precious Ears to my blog Talkative Tongue because my dear Readers, without a lending ear the Talkative Tongue can’t be an useful and  an Attractive Medium.

If you are not ready to hear with your ears the voice of my Talkative Tongue, then how can legally my Blog Talkative Tongue come out with Plenty of Frequent and Continuous Talks.

My Blog Talkative Tongue will talk Forever.

Ritu Iyer,



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  1. Hello there. Wonderful blog. Thank you so much for following Trainwreck>. It’s a very personal project for me and it means a lot to know that others are following it. ❤

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