Thunders or Tenants ?

My dear readers of our blog Talkative Tongue, I have come again before you after a short period, taking my rent less tenants’ new activities before you. Yes, the blue pigeons who have occupied some considerable portions of our residence without taking our permission are not paying any rent to us but their behaviours are exactly the behaviours of the tenants. Dropping off the precious white eggs in the air has not yet stopped and our kitchen washing area pigeons also enacted this act of dropping off the eggs in the air episode. Helpless pigeons, busy pigeons who don’t even have time to sit in a place for a considerable enough time to lay the eggs in a place properly. Next my broomstick came under the severe, constant attack of the kitchen tenants in their constant continuous effort of building their safe heavens nest in our kitchen Maliya(Attic). Now my daughter’s room’s cupboard is also under occupation ! There also one good fine nest was built but I removed it and recovered all my sticks of my broomsticks. So my broomstick got thinner over thinner size because the sticks of the broomstick were taken daily continuously for the building work of the nests in the kitchen and bedroom. In my counter attack the sticks were taken from the nests and the broomstick was again given its original fat size. Let us come to the front room tenants. Now also the computers and books are under attack. We are threatened again and again by them and by their free flying inside the rooms so we are pressurized to live without having fans. The fans should not be operated.  The running fans are disturbance to their free flying inside the house. So, in our daily life the tenants have stopped our freedom.


Our tenant’s friends are also visiting our house. Their behaviour always give me the feeling that they are our security people. They can’t talk. They can’t do anything to protect us. But I am dead sure that they understand our conversations. They even show that they are following our talks. So now even if they are non rent giving tenants , they have become indispensible part of our lives. Even the research scholars who visit our house for their PhD Thesis discussions with the head of the family have come to know of them. During the discussions going on between the PhD guide and the PhD students our beautiful pigeons of the front room also watch the proceedings by sitting over the computer and over  the mathematics books  and table. With full attention and care and observation they see the discussions and hear them.

So now our tenants are obtaining their advanced level Maths knowledge. I spend my free time talking with them and watching them. Oh! About the quarrels happening among them? Yes the quarrels are going on daily. Sometimes Moti and Smarty (the front room tenants) have high level quarrels between them. The kitchen pigeons quarrels,  the quarrels between Sadda and Sadmi also is unending. We don’t have way or means to stop their quarrels to bring peace into the lives of the World peace symbols who are pigeons.


Ritu Iyer,



Biography of Pigeons !

What happened? What is the latest development or recent developments in my life which is under the steady occupation of my non- rent paying tenants who are the beautiful blue pigeons? So, what are the recent actions of the Beautiful Blue Pigeons against me? This question is frequently asked to me by my blog readers. I convey my sorry for my absence in the blog for a long time. The reason is my tenants. Now my house has separate tenants in separate rooms. They are kitchen, balcony couple, front room pigeon couples and my daughter’s room’s pigeon couple. They all laid eggs but mysteriously they themselves refused to hatch the eggs. Kitchen pigeon laid eggs (three in count) but it itself forgot the action and it unexpectedly and shockingly took those eggs which were its own as the eggs of the front room pigeons. Hectic quarrels happened between kitchen couples male and female pigeons. Female till the end refused to sit over its own eggs for hatching them to deliver the young ones. At last the eggs were broken and smashed by the female pigeon taking them as illegitimate eggs (eggs from the front room couple) Why should I hatch these eggs when they are legally not my own? This was kitchen female’s question.

Our own house got rattled on seeing this brutal affair. The front room pairs also gave us rude shock by dropping the egg in the air. Yes, the female pigeon of the front room was as usually sitting over our computer keyboard. But on that special day for several hours it was sitting to lay eggs in that place. But at the last minute it left that place and flew towards the window and it dropped the egg while it flew towards the window. Dropping eggs while flying happened and the egg which got dropped by the female while flying fell over my Civil Engineering son’s books. That couple also refused to accept the dropped egg as their own. We tried a lot to convince them. But here the male pigeon spoke. The male pigeon refused to allow the female to hatch the eggs which female dropped while flying telling the reason that the dropped eggs can’t be taken as legal eggs. What about my daughter’s room pigeons. The female itself forgot the act of laying eggs. It refused to sit over the eggs for hatching it and deliver young ones. So the eggs remained uncared and unattended for several days. Why? The reason told was “Aunty, we are very busy. For hatching process we have to sit over the eggs for several days and so many hours. I cannot do all these things.” I asked” Then what can we do our room pigeon? What should be done with these eggs? Spend some time for hatching. It is your duty”. The reply was,” We are so busy Aunty. We don’t have time. Do anything with them. It is up to you.” Then I put those neglected eggs in the place of kitchen pigeons. No response. Then I put them in front room’s place. No response and severe shouting happened and then severe quarrels and attacks happened. Those eggs were kept in the dustbin at last. Daily I have to spend my precious time in compromising them because they quarrel seriously. Pigeons are the symbols of peace. But pigeons quarrel a lot and that also in the style of war which is “Do or Die” Method.

I find it very difficult to bring peace and friendship among them. I enjoy watching pigeons of my house. I like talking with them. So at last my houses tenants are not mere tenants now but the part and parcel of my house. The reason is all the members of my family treat them as the main members of our house. Tenants are now our thoughts.



Ritu Iyer, Gujarat 



From Heaven To Home!

Shifting the residence is really a serious task in each and every human being’s Life. From a solitary, lonely private and noiseless, silent area and house locality I am going to live in a highly crowded always noisy, traffic filled up and public area where my house itself will not enjoy the privacy. From No visitors, No disturbance house I am going to start a life in always visitors, 24 hours disturbance small house. My mind can’t avoid the comparison between the present residence and the future residence. I feel unknown pain in my belly whenever I think and feel that, only up to October 31 I can be in the present heaven. My present heaven is a sprawling bungalow with a vast garden at four sides. It is undoubtedly a three bedroom vast mansion with plenty of water, plants, vast beautiful balconies and a beautiful big lonely terrace, in comparison with my present heaven I can say courageously that my future abode is like a hell and a hut in the area. The present heaven is a Government owned Government Mansion. The future residence is a hell and a small hut of one bedroom flat and it is my own flat and my own house. So from Government mansion I am shifting my living to my own hut. Plenty of Problems, plenty of noises and plenty of difficulties are waiting eagerly for me there.


Now the packing of things work is going on but with unhappiness and sadness in my heart. Some panic feeling arises in my heart on my thinking of my life at that one bedroom flat of my own.
Am I really alone in my lovely mansion? To speak frankly I have a lot of friends here. But my friends can’t speak or laugh. Yes my garden’s innumerable trees and plants and the singing, flying and chirping happy birds are my own friends. I really feel sadness in my heart when I think of leaving my flying friends and huge green trees in this place itself. Can our friends come to our new home which is a hut? Now my little hut is under occupation for 10 long years.  Without giving any rent some families have kept my own house as their own residence and are living there happily. Blue Pigeons are the tenants of my home and after my entry into that home we both will share that small abode. When we are leaving this birds filled trees filled Government mansion after my husband’s retirement from this Job and are entering into our new house forever, I remember the Poem,
The Woodcutter’s Night Song” of J. CLARE.
” Welcome, red and roundy sun,
Dropping lowly in the west;
Now my hard day’s work is done,
I’m as happy as the best.
Joyful are the thoughts of home,
Now I’m ready for my chair,
So, till morrow-morning’s come,
Bill and Mittens, lie ye there!
Though to leave your pretty song,
Little birds, it gives me pain,
Yet to-morrow is not long,
Then I’m with you all again.

Joyful are the thoughts of home,
Now I’m ready for my chair,
So, till morrow-morning’s come,
Bill and Mittens, lie ye there!”

Whatever it may be whether the home is hell or heaven, entering into our home after finishing or accomplishing our hard task is really a treasure of happiness and peace. I am highly grateful to God for awarding me this peace , rest and plenty of happiness in my own house which I am going to occupy soon.
Here I remember one more poem which is of R.L. Stevenson.
The poet’s feeling is my real feeling now.
“ Wealth I ask not, Hope nor Love,
Not a friend to know me,
All I ask ,the heaven above,
And the Road below me.”

I am happily and hopefully waiting for the D-Day i.e. the Shifting Day.

Ritu Iyer,

Thrilling Trains

Travelling in train is undoubtedly a thrilling and enjoyable experience. I am fond of trains. To tell frankly I am fond of railway stations. I like to watch the speedily moving passengers of railway stations by sitting silently in the platform seats. I really forget my worries, pains and troubles when I silently watch the railway stations movements and the running passengers. When I see the entering and leaving trains and hear the thundering sounds, my heart feels one peculiar excitement. I really mingle with all the things connected to the trains and railway stations. Last week I visited our city Rajkot’s railway station to give a nice send-off to our relatives.
My train travel experiences are mixed ones. Some are happy and others are quarrelsome. But one train journey i really created indelible shocking experience and memory of my life. This unhappy experience and incident of jumping out of the train in the wrong side of the platform of our railway station happened when I was returning to Rajkot from Pilgrim city Dwarka in Okha- Gorakhpur express. That time was Deepawali festival time and the labourers who were from northern- India states and were working in Gujarat’s Saurashtra region were in their hurry  and worry of reaching their native places using this train. As nearly 400 labourers tried to enter in the unreserved compartment in which I was travelling one very dangerous stampede like situation arose and we could not get down in our Rajkot station. This stampede like situation was in our Rajkot station. So, to  get down of the train we had to jump in the wrong side of the platform because the labourers who were trying hard to get into the train did not allow us to get down in our platform.


The noise of train or the sound of train, the crowd of railway station, the eateries and food stalls of the railway station, the passenger’s hurry, even the workers and the officers and waiting room of the railway station, all are my dearest things.
One shocking thing I noticed when I went to send – off my relatives last week was the cleanliness of the railway stations and the railway tracks. Yes, even the railway tracks were perfectly clean.

Thank you, Mr. Suresh Prabhu, our Railway Minister for this tremendous achievement of making our railway tracks clean ones. Now days, whenever I visit railway station, our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi occupies my thoughts. Our Prime Minister has a strong connection and attachment with railway stations and trains as a Tea Seller boy in his Childhood days. He himself has said this truth so many times. From Railway station to Red Fort!

I came to know of one highly shocking and praiseworthy truth about our railways in the year 2014 and in the month August. That truth is that in his childhood days and schooldays the Railways remained as the integral part of our beloved Prime Minister Of India Mr. Narendra Modi.
Do you know what kind of feeling I got on bearing this truth? My faith and Respect towards Railway Station increased to so many times. I am highly Impressed by the simplicity, honesty, service mindedness and humanity of our Prime Minister.

If Railways Station and trains remained as a part of our PM Modi’s  Life, I feel strongly that railway station and trains now seem to be the identities of one’s hard work, honesty and ambitions, Now I only think of our Prime Minister when I am standing in the railway station seeing the trains. Railway station looks like a “Karmayogi”. Trains are doing their selfless service to the society. Train leave the passengers and they take new passengers for leaving them in another place. I feel much respect towards the tea seller and all other working staff in the station due to their selfless service to the society.

Once when I was travelling in a long distance train, one tea seller young boy unknowingly poured hot tea over my lap and I did a heavy serious quarrel with him. Even my co passengers scolded him for his careless mistake. From then, I developed one kind of fear and hatred towards them.

But now my thinking has got transformed drastically. Now I am seeing them as Service minded people of the society. Without the tea seller, how can we get a hot tea or coffee in a running train in the cold mornings and rainy days?

I have one wish or dream. What is that? I belong to one very  small village of South India. Now I am in Rajkot city which is the commercial centre and capital of Saurashtra region of Gujarat. The railway department should reach this transport facility to even the remotest villages of our nation and almost all the cities and all the villages should have railway station and train travel comfort.

The train should be made the national vehicle or national travelling Machine of India and all the villages should have this facility.

I never want to leave the Railway Station. Trains are my Favourite vehicle.

So Indian Railways are the symbol of Honesty, Hard work, Selflessness and Impartially caring Motherhood. With these thoughts in my Mind I left Rajkot Railway station. My heart was heavy because I never want to go home from the Railway Station.

Ritu Iyer,

Flying Friends…

I fondly call the Birds as my Dear friends. In my loneliness, in my solitude, I feel Birds as my real companions. My little friends who are winged creatures are undoubtedly more powerful than me. The Reason is they can fly but I can’t fly. Human beings also fly but by sitting in the Aeroplanes, helicopters or rockets or other flying vehicles. Till date human race can’t move from place to place by flying with their own body or wings. I used to watch the little wonderful creatures of God by sitting in my chair in front of my writing table. Then I decided to catch their attention towards me and wanted to make me as their friend. I began to supply their sole food grains daily both in the Mornings and In the Evenings. Really the expected wonder happened. The little birds noticed the scattered grains in my garden and became the regular visitor to my house and garden. They even began to watch me also and began to wait for my arrival to the garden with a cup full of grains. In the beginning due to some hesitation and fear they did sudden move on seeing me in the garden even though they knew fully that I was there only for supply of their food.

Picture Credit: Sivarama V Iyer

After some Months, they dropped their idea of flying away on seeing me instead tried keeping themselves behind the trees of my garden. As soon as I left the place spreading the grains in my garden, they rushed speedily to the spot and tried to grasp the grain as far as possible of their beak. My friends don’t belong to one community or type only. So many types of birds became my friends and began to engage my time highly interestingly and joyfully. They used to talk among themselves but I could not comprehend their language. But I used to talk with them in Hindi.

The most Tiny size, the most finest size friend who is sparrow only tried to take advantage over my love by trying always to sit in the window of the room through which I used to watch them. Even some sparrows entered into my room itself and began to watch me by sitting on the ceiling fan and tube light. The other friends really got suspicious over the bold move of the sparrows. Among them I could Definitely say that the sparrows were the Happiest birds and the Pigeons were the most Sorrowful birds. I began to do research over the white and the Blue Pigeons by watching them particularly.

My Maid Servant told me one very big truth about the Pigeon’s food habits one day. My servant maid told me that “Juwar” grain is the highly favourite grain of the Pigeons and Pigeons don’t relish with full heart the “Bajra and Rice”. “Bajra and Rice” are the favourites of the Sparrows, Cuckoos, Mainahs, Crows and Some Jungli birds who come in the gathering of at least Twenties always for eating. Then I really purchased “Juwar” and spread “Juwar” for the Pigeons. All these attempts I really did to make and see the Pigeons(Big and the Young Ones) happy and carefree.

I took almost all the possible steps for the happy face and flying of my gardens Pigeons.
One day Two Blue Pigeons entered into my reading room via window and on the tube light first and then moved into the loft of that room. They began to watch me continuously and seriously from that loft and I surely knew that they were demanding my permission for their stay in my Study room’s loft. So at last on that day I came to know of the reason for the Sorrowful face of the pigeons.
The reason was Lack of Accommodation!

– By Ritu Iyer

A Magnificent Day…


On the chilly winter morning of 12th January 2013 I woke up with lots of dreams and lots of hope in my eyes. Every minute of that morning was running like an hour for me. I was too much happy that day. I looked outside the window and in the darkness I could see the moonlight making every corner enlighten. I could barely sleep the previous night. My parents made me sleep earlier the previous night as I had to wake up early the next morning. But the night was too hard for me to spend. I was not able to sleep easily but the thought and dreams of the coming day made me sleep. Normally I sleep very hard. But that day I woke up before my Mom and was waiting for my Mom to call me. With one call I jumped from my bed like a sudden shock and immediately went to get ready.  My mind was constantly busy thinking about the day. And it was obvious for me to think this much as it was going to be my first trip with friends in my whole school life. Well, this could be hard for anybody to believe but this fact is true. I got ready by 3:00 in the morning. I was totally ready to reach my school for the trip.


My parents got me to the school by 4:00 in the morning. I could still remember in the darkness of the school premises I was all alone as I had arrived a little early. My excitement was far more than anybody else. I wasn’t able to wait even a single minute to reach school. It was like I was still dreaming. I was nostalgic about my past in which I wasn’t able to take part in trip. But for then I was happy for taking the part in trip. I think that it was the best day for me at that point of time. Without mincing with words I would love to say that it was one of the best days of my life.

Slowly my friends and teachers arrived. I was just flying above the sky. My preparation for the picnic had started a week ago. I just wanted to be happy about going for the trip. I wasn’t able to control myself from talking about the picnic even a single minute. My childhood friend, my best friend was also coming in the trip. I was very happy about it. We had been together since our lower K.G. and even today though we meet often but we are always in touch with each other. Our fields are different, dreams are different but still we are one and the same for each other. Even my favorite teachers were coming for the picnic. That day I felt that Good Days Comes so often…and we should make most of it. We got ourselves into the bus. Our whole class was joining the trip.

I was just making beautiful memories with those sweet moments. Our trip started. I sat besides my best Friend. I was unable to believe that the trip had started. As I said it my first ever picnic trip with friends this feeling was natural for me to have. My teachers, my classmates were so happy to see me join the trip.

In our trip we were to visit a Marine National Park. We walked up to some distance inside the sea and saw many marine creatures. As it was early morning so at that time tides were not there in the sea so we were able to walk inside. Then in the evening we visited another small beach and rested there. We had lunch in the afternoon. The lunch was truly tasty. I remember me and my best friend sitting by the seashore. We wrote our names on the sand there. That’s true that with one wave of sea the name on the sands were erased but the sweetest memories which got imprinted in my mind could never be erased.

Happiness, love, hope all got together at that moment in my life.  In the evening we played games with friends and enjoyed it. Then we sat back in the bus to conclude our trip. We were tired at that time but the tiredness was not able to takeover our happiness. I wished the day was little longer. We danced in the bus, sang songs and cherished beautiful memories of our trip. We came back to school at 8:00 P.M. My Dad had arrived to receive me. My teacher thanked my dad for sending me to the trip. My dad was also happy. The Day was coming to an end but my thoughts, my memories were not. On my way back home I kept describing about my trip to my Dad. It was like  living the day once again.

It was really one of the most enjoyed days of my life.