Memorable Mothers

Motherhood is divine. Motherhood is sacred. Motherhood is bliss. In this universe not only the human beings but all the living things are blessed by God with this prestigious, joyful status of Motherhood. When I was seriously waiting for God’s blessings to obtain motherhood my residence of three bedroom Bungalow got the pleasure of seeing so many Mothers. Dogs selected my garden to deliver their loving puppies. The flying small, brown sparrows used my bungalow’s  several things such as fans, tube lights, cupboards to build their nests and to lay their eggs and delivering their chirping young ones by hatching them in their nests. My garden’s trees became the Maternity homes for crows and Mynahs. In one summer, one pregnant cat entered into our house and even without getting my permission, turned one secret place of my house as its kitten delivering home and all of a sudden one day emerged as a proud Mother before me catching hold of one of her kittens in her mouth. One summer afternoon one fully pregnant cow reached my compound wall gate and just outside my gate delivered one beautiful young calf. Now also blue pigeons have selected my house’s washing area cupboards as their maternity home. Readers, reality is that before becoming a Mother to my twin children, with these living Mothers of so many animals and birds I played the role of a care taker or Friend. Helping these Non- speaking chirping, barking, noisy Mothers gave me too much of interest in my life.


So today I remember those loving Mothers on this Mother’s day. Our Prime Minister’s April 2017’s “Mann Ki Baat” had the mentioning of these tiny sparrows. This brought to my memory my house’s Mother Sparrows and their young ones, the Mother Sparrows’ hardships in taking care of the young ones and my help, care and service towards the sparrow Mothers in taking care of their children. I convey my thanks to our P.M. Today  on this Mothers Day I Share my life’s so many Mothers who may not be human beings like us but they are also the sacrificial Mothers of this Universe with you all my dear readers.


Ritu Iyer



Solace In Death

When British Princess Diana’s unexpected death occurred I was keeping myself in the place of a letter writer of the esteemed English Daily “The Times Of India”. I wrote one small letter about Diana’s cruel death which occurred due to Paparazzi in Paris to The Times of India, Ahemdavad. But the editor did not publish it.
On hearing the death of Princess Diana, I Remembered one touching poem of Mathew Arnold the British poet in which he speaks of the rest of a women takes only after her death. I compared Diana’s busiest, always moving running life with the Life of a busy women whom the poet speaks of and compared the unexpected death and the unending, forever rest to  which Princess Diana reached due to the death  to that rest of the poet’s Women. Frankly, at last Diana went  to peace and rest after only because she was constantly followed, chased and criticised and disturbed all over her life. Diana was not allowed to lead her life with peace and rest. The society and paparazzi, popularity went on disturbing her always and throughout her life and her soul was yearning for peace, rest, happiness and freedom. At last the paparazzi from which she was running to escape caused her running come to an end.




I can’t forgive the World’s media’s bad habit of disturbing and chasing after the celebrities of the World. In Princess Diana’s case the media’s hunger after celebrities culminated in that celebrity’s tragic death. Now before a few months Diana’s son & daughter in-law visited India and my memories about the letter I wrote during Diana’s death to TOI and the poem  which I referred to in that letter came to my mind.
I want to share that impressive, heart touching poem with the readers of this Blog. In that poem the poet brings before our Eyes the Restless, busy life of a powerful, highly popular women who at last gets her long expecting and yearning rest and peace in death. The Society makes the celebrity women’s life moving and running according to the society and media’s selfish popular chasings. Such is the Real life of Princess Diana.
Here is that poem.
Mathew Arnold’s Poem:

Strew on her roses, roses,
And never a spray of yew!
In quite she reposes;
Ah, would that I did too!
Her mirth the world required;
She bathed it in smiles of glee.
But her heart was tired, tired,
And now they let her be.
Her life was turning, turning,
In mazes of heat and sound.
But for peace her soul was yearning,
And now peace laps her round.
Her cabined, ample spirit,
It fluttered and failed for breath.
To-night it doth inherit
The vasty hall of death.

I Strongly feel, Diana Really lived the life the Mathew Arnold’s Poem Requiescat’s  the Poetic women Lived. I can’t forget Princess Diana and The Poem.

Ritu Iyer