Cry Cry Clumsy

Clumsiness creates danger and Destruction in almost all the places. The clumsy atmosphere creates one kind of fear in the mind of the viewers. Where there is no skill or cleverness in accomplishing a deed or managing a situation, the clumsiness enters. But in some essential fields like Defence, Space and Nuclear the Clumsy way of handling the situation brings disaster, destruction and fatal mass accidents, loss and causalities. In my Life, I get terrific fear on seeing the people who never do the task with skill and instead they create clumsiness and irreparable damage in the task. Whenever I fall Ill my Kitchen’s management and cooking task come under my Twin Children and My Husband. The kitchen in their hands goes to such clumsy, ugly atmosphere, that surely it takes at least two days to see my original beautiful Kitchen.


So we have to fear about those people who in their effort of helping us and reducing our burden, really takes the task to such a clumsy position that instead of help we have to do Double Triple work to get the Task in the right way. At those times our mind really thinks, if I had not taken the risk of getting those clumsy creator’s  help I would not have done the redoubled burden.

India’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s Slogan “Skill Development” really warns us about these clumsy creators. Mr. Modi asks all to select only highly skilful worker for the task so that clumsiness and the loss should be avoided and averted. Skill, talent, intelligence, perfection in doing the things, correctness in tasks are the needed things in today’s society.
Clumsiness is like a devil whereas skill is like a God.

Many times my lovingonly daughtercreates unknown kind of terror in my heart when she comes forward to help me to reduce my work loads burdens. But I am sure, my readers of this piece of writing, after sometime, you will see me doing severe hard work to correct the task which goes into unthinkable clumsy situation in her lovely little hands .

So please Wary of Clumsiness and Embrace Skill with Happiness.

Ritu Iyer,


Success Supplier Self Appraisal?

Self-Appraisal is purely self assessment. One should have strong idea about his or her positives and negatives. One should evaluate his or her capacity, talent and skill to do his or her best to the society. If in your self- appraisal you seem to be wrong in your ideas or tasks then even the appraisal of crores of people and powerful people can’t make your side as a correct one. So many times people do mistake in their self evaluation. They feel that they only are right and all the others are completely wrong. At these situations even the whole world with their efforts could not convince the person and make him accept the fact that he is wrong if he is really wrong. Self – appraisal takes a man out of the clutches of inferiority complex. When you yourself judge you and your positive nice points and behaviours, your enemies or evildoers can’t create inferiority complex in you by creating or talking false complaints of you. Here your self- appraisal has created strength and indomitable courage in you.
The man who has the proper evaluation, estimate and assessment of himself emerges as the undefeatable, successful human being in this world. The man who knows his power correctly and who judges his capacity perfectly never becomes the victim of flattery or false praises.


When a man becomes a victim of flattery he really loses his original strength and power. Taking the false, artificial appraisals as the real we land ourselves in unending dangers thinking that we have the real power to accomplish that task. But there is nothing wrong in coming out of your comfort zone and try new things. But this should be done based on our own self evaluation.
What I am? What I can do? How much strong I am? Am I courageous? Am I intelligent? Am I hard task Master? Am I successful Mission director? How much I am Wrong? How much I am Right? Am I perfect or false? Like this so many questions one should ask in her or his mind and should do the self- appraisal. Self- appraisal is the real Appraisal.

In all the “Mann Ki Baat” Radio Programme our India’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modigives much value and importance to this aspect self-appraisal. Our PM requests the citizens of India to do the self assessment of their hidden capabilities and undisclosed powers, talents and skills and ask them to utilize their powers for our country’s future.
Our PM always says that any human being cannot be  belittled or humiliated if he or she knows and judges his or her power by the self- appraisal. “Kud ko Pehchano” (Know Yourself) should be the Mool (main)  Mantra of our life.
I would like to remember the words of the American writer Mr. Ralph Waldo Emerson in his great Essay Self- Reliance.

Self- Reliance is none other than self – appraisal. Self – Reliance and self – appraisal are no doubt one and the same. First do self- appraisal and then turn it into self – reliance.
“To believe your own thought, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men – that is Genius.”

“A man should learn to detect and watch that gleam of light which flashes across his mind from within, more than the lustre of the firmament of bards and sages.”

Ritu Iyer,

From Heaven To Home!

Shifting the residence is really a serious task in each and every human being’s Life. From a solitary, lonely private and noiseless, silent area and house locality I am going to live in a highly crowded always noisy, traffic filled up and public area where my house itself will not enjoy the privacy. From No visitors, No disturbance house I am going to start a life in always visitors, 24 hours disturbance small house. My mind can’t avoid the comparison between the present residence and the future residence. I feel unknown pain in my belly whenever I think and feel that, only up to October 31 I can be in the present heaven. My present heaven is a sprawling bungalow with a vast garden at four sides. It is undoubtedly a three bedroom vast mansion with plenty of water, plants, vast beautiful balconies and a beautiful big lonely terrace, in comparison with my present heaven I can say courageously that my future abode is like a hell and a hut in the area. The present heaven is a Government owned Government Mansion. The future residence is a hell and a small hut of one bedroom flat and it is my own flat and my own house. So from Government mansion I am shifting my living to my own hut. Plenty of Problems, plenty of noises and plenty of difficulties are waiting eagerly for me there.


Now the packing of things work is going on but with unhappiness and sadness in my heart. Some panic feeling arises in my heart on my thinking of my life at that one bedroom flat of my own.
Am I really alone in my lovely mansion? To speak frankly I have a lot of friends here. But my friends can’t speak or laugh. Yes my garden’s innumerable trees and plants and the singing, flying and chirping happy birds are my own friends. I really feel sadness in my heart when I think of leaving my flying friends and huge green trees in this place itself. Can our friends come to our new home which is a hut? Now my little hut is under occupation for 10 long years.  Without giving any rent some families have kept my own house as their own residence and are living there happily. Blue Pigeons are the tenants of my home and after my entry into that home we both will share that small abode. When we are leaving this birds filled trees filled Government mansion after my husband’s retirement from this Job and are entering into our new house forever, I remember the Poem,
The Woodcutter’s Night Song” of J. CLARE.
” Welcome, red and roundy sun,
Dropping lowly in the west;
Now my hard day’s work is done,
I’m as happy as the best.
Joyful are the thoughts of home,
Now I’m ready for my chair,
So, till morrow-morning’s come,
Bill and Mittens, lie ye there!
Though to leave your pretty song,
Little birds, it gives me pain,
Yet to-morrow is not long,
Then I’m with you all again.

Joyful are the thoughts of home,
Now I’m ready for my chair,
So, till morrow-morning’s come,
Bill and Mittens, lie ye there!”

Whatever it may be whether the home is hell or heaven, entering into our home after finishing or accomplishing our hard task is really a treasure of happiness and peace. I am highly grateful to God for awarding me this peace , rest and plenty of happiness in my own house which I am going to occupy soon.
Here I remember one more poem which is of R.L. Stevenson.
The poet’s feeling is my real feeling now.
“ Wealth I ask not, Hope nor Love,
Not a friend to know me,
All I ask ,the heaven above,
And the Road below me.”

I am happily and hopefully waiting for the D-Day i.e. the Shifting Day.

Ritu Iyer,

Official Fears…

Whenever I think of visiting any Government office for any official work, really my stomach and my whole body develop some unknown pain and shivering. Why? From the childhood itself the office premises have created some amazing terror in my mind. My youngest brother’s request for my signature in one of his family documents really brought my nerves to a standstill. The reason is that my brother wants me to sign the document in the Sub-Registrar’s office and that also in front of the officer. After hearing this request my sleep took farewell from me and I am spending sleepless nights now a days. Before a few months I had to go to Mamladhar’s Office for obtaining the voter I-D Card. The whole previous day of this special day was spent in confusion and terror. I could not do any work with comfort. I developed such a fear in my belly like a accused going to Police Station or Jail.

Even after my long and constant search I could not find out the reason for my this official fear about the Government officers.
People say the Government office works take a long time for finishing.


One has to stand in the queue for a long time to get his or her turn to approach the officer. The officers demand so many documents and identities and their talk itself create terrific fear in our mind. One hopeless and uncertain feeling is created in our mind on seeing the unending long queues and crowds and the official confusing talks of the Government Officers. In my mind the State Government officers have taken the place of Gods or Heroes.

Whenever I stand in a Government office crowd for any work, my prayers are very seriously and even to the extent of thinking that the officer should shower his mercy over me and should bless me with his precious help.

When will people begin to give up their fears of the government officers and the government servants? Soon the present situation will get changed, the society will begin to see Government offices with friendly feeling and our works also will be finished quickly in Government offices.

The sluggishness, the slow movement and indifferent atmosphere of the Government offices and the employees will disappear. Fast moving, serious work culture will arrive in all the government offices.

The Sub-Registrar office fear has created such a tension in my mind that I forget about my brother but think only about the signature giving task of that day. I pray to God for a positive change.

Ritu Iyer,

Thrilling Trains

Travelling in train is undoubtedly a thrilling and enjoyable experience. I am fond of trains. To tell frankly I am fond of railway stations. I like to watch the speedily moving passengers of railway stations by sitting silently in the platform seats. I really forget my worries, pains and troubles when I silently watch the railway stations movements and the running passengers. When I see the entering and leaving trains and hear the thundering sounds, my heart feels one peculiar excitement. I really mingle with all the things connected to the trains and railway stations. Last week I visited our city Rajkot’s railway station to give a nice send-off to our relatives.
My train travel experiences are mixed ones. Some are happy and others are quarrelsome. But one train journey i really created indelible shocking experience and memory of my life. This unhappy experience and incident of jumping out of the train in the wrong side of the platform of our railway station happened when I was returning to Rajkot from Pilgrim city Dwarka in Okha- Gorakhpur express. That time was Deepawali festival time and the labourers who were from northern- India states and were working in Gujarat’s Saurashtra region were in their hurry  and worry of reaching their native places using this train. As nearly 400 labourers tried to enter in the unreserved compartment in which I was travelling one very dangerous stampede like situation arose and we could not get down in our Rajkot station. This stampede like situation was in our Rajkot station. So, to  get down of the train we had to jump in the wrong side of the platform because the labourers who were trying hard to get into the train did not allow us to get down in our platform.


The noise of train or the sound of train, the crowd of railway station, the eateries and food stalls of the railway station, the passenger’s hurry, even the workers and the officers and waiting room of the railway station, all are my dearest things.
One shocking thing I noticed when I went to send – off my relatives last week was the cleanliness of the railway stations and the railway tracks. Yes, even the railway tracks were perfectly clean.

Thank you, Mr. Suresh Prabhu, our Railway Minister for this tremendous achievement of making our railway tracks clean ones. Now days, whenever I visit railway station, our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi occupies my thoughts. Our Prime Minister has a strong connection and attachment with railway stations and trains as a Tea Seller boy in his Childhood days. He himself has said this truth so many times. From Railway station to Red Fort!

I came to know of one highly shocking and praiseworthy truth about our railways in the year 2014 and in the month August. That truth is that in his childhood days and schooldays the Railways remained as the integral part of our beloved Prime Minister Of India Mr. Narendra Modi.
Do you know what kind of feeling I got on bearing this truth? My faith and Respect towards Railway Station increased to so many times. I am highly Impressed by the simplicity, honesty, service mindedness and humanity of our Prime Minister.

If Railways Station and trains remained as a part of our PM Modi’s  Life, I feel strongly that railway station and trains now seem to be the identities of one’s hard work, honesty and ambitions, Now I only think of our Prime Minister when I am standing in the railway station seeing the trains. Railway station looks like a “Karmayogi”. Trains are doing their selfless service to the society. Train leave the passengers and they take new passengers for leaving them in another place. I feel much respect towards the tea seller and all other working staff in the station due to their selfless service to the society.

Once when I was travelling in a long distance train, one tea seller young boy unknowingly poured hot tea over my lap and I did a heavy serious quarrel with him. Even my co passengers scolded him for his careless mistake. From then, I developed one kind of fear and hatred towards them.

But now my thinking has got transformed drastically. Now I am seeing them as Service minded people of the society. Without the tea seller, how can we get a hot tea or coffee in a running train in the cold mornings and rainy days?

I have one wish or dream. What is that? I belong to one very  small village of South India. Now I am in Rajkot city which is the commercial centre and capital of Saurashtra region of Gujarat. The railway department should reach this transport facility to even the remotest villages of our nation and almost all the cities and all the villages should have railway station and train travel comfort.

The train should be made the national vehicle or national travelling Machine of India and all the villages should have this facility.

I never want to leave the Railway Station. Trains are my Favourite vehicle.

So Indian Railways are the symbol of Honesty, Hard work, Selflessness and Impartially caring Motherhood. With these thoughts in my Mind I left Rajkot Railway station. My heart was heavy because I never want to go home from the Railway Station.

Ritu Iyer,

Faithful Friendly Fences…

Whenever I see the word Fence, I at once remember my vast garden which is badly in need of a fence. Fence is a must for any field or garden to keep the stray animals and intruders away from them. My frequent requests for a nice fence for my beautiful garden went unheard by one and all. When I think of the fence being built in our Nation’s Border between our land and neighbourhood country’s land area, I strongly feel that fencing of our Nation’s all the borders is a must.

In the poem “Mending Walls” the poet Robert Frost says,” Good Fences Make Good Neighbours.” I feel Robert Frost is correct in saying this.
Recently in “The Times Of India” the word I again and again noted in the “European Refugee Crisis” is Fence and Fencing the Borders. Fencing the borders of 28 European Countries was the constant talk in Europe during the Refugee Crisis. I got shocked to see the Pitiable, sympathetic conditions of Fenceless European Countries. Can we Create fencing between two Countries when they are parted not with a land area but with water and ocean or rivers? Yes, says USA’ s Navy Experts. Now a days in American Navy a new but highly useful research is going on about the highly sophisticated technology for creating strong, impenetrable fencing between the nation’s which have common waters between them. So really my friend, in my life fence is the one and the only word without thinking of which and without pronouncing of which I can’t spend my day.

In my final talk I request our India’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi to take seriously American Poet Robert Frost ‘s  Saying,
“Good Fencing makes Good Neighbours” and request our PM to fence India Strongly in his period as PM. 

My Desire is to fence the field, to fence the garden, to fence the country and to spread Friendship and Fun.

Ritu Iyer

Ignite The Fire Inside You…

Six people, one room and an empty corridor was the place where my journey of self realization and journey of a beautiful experience started. The room was moist; hardly was it an audible place. The sound of the constant rotating fan almost absorbed each and every sound that was generated inside the room. There sat our lecturer in front of us. She was teaching us Electronics subject. It so happened that instead of 22 people there were only five people present for the lecture. It was an obvious occurrence in our college after holidays. The lecturer could not start with the usual course as the class strength was weak. After some primary teaching, we still had an hour to spend. Few glances, few futile talks and then lecturer came upon a question of our future plan.

The other four shared their views about their future. Quite confident they sounded through their talks. They were so dedicated and well planned for their future. The turn came to me. The lecturer asked me about my future plans. I, with a little nervousness told about my future plans. I told her that I want to be an Entrepreneur. Doesn’t that sound great as a future plan? Ya, it does. She asked about my progress towards my dream. She asked me whether I Know the Important things needed to establish a business. I shared few which I knew and later I told her that I haven’t explored much about it. She asked me” If you are not going to do it now then When. You are doing your Studies in a particular field right now. And after Two years would you go out and explore the Field. Is that what you mean? Whatever you want to do you should be planning about it from now. You should know about it from now. You should plan properly. And Entrepreneurship is a big task. You should know what you want to do and must work upon it.” I gave a thought to it.

It was quite easier for me to say my dreams inside the four walls and in front of five people who were there to listen to me. It is quite easier. But outside the walls if I am not working towards my dreams then there are thousand mouths waiting to insult me, to fail me, to speak ill of me, to say that my dreams were just high talks and nothing else, to joke upon my dreams, my aspirations and my life.

Would I allow that? That totally depends on my present action. I can’t allow people doubt my dreams. I am not doing this to show someone but to prove that I Am Born for A Purpose and I won’t Die without achieving it.

Well this experience thought me two things:

Your Happiness is totally in your Hands.

And the Second,

Keep The Fire Burning inside you. And never let yourself be the victim of the circumstances. Go dream and convert it into a beautiful reality and truth of your life.





Is Life The Entry Gate Of Friendship?

Fame is a food that dead men eat,-
I have no stomach for such meat.
In little light and narrow room,
They eat it in the silent tomb,
With no kind voice of comrade near
To bid the banquet be of cheer.

But Friendship is a nobler thing,-
Of Friendship it is good to sing.
For truly, when a man shall end,
He lives in memory of his friend,
Who doth his better part recall,
And of his faults make funeral.

Henry Austin Dobson



What impart I delivered from this poem? Praises and fame are heaped over the humans only after his death.

In the Cases of Majority of people especially famous people, the food of fame is not possible during their life time. If fame is considered as a food in most cases, it is supplied to the men only after his death, so fame is dead Men’s Food. During their life time, they are supplied criticisms and scolding as food. As fame is the food which people supply to a man after his death, the man has to take it in his small cabin of tomb and that also alone. No companionship at all. In solitude and loneliness the dead man has to eat the food fame which is given to him by the society.


The poet has compared fame and friendship. Friendship is really a highly adorable and nobler thing. We live in the hearts and memories of our friends even after our death. Like fame it is not supplied to us in our tomb after the death and we are not destined to eat that food of friendship alone in our tomb. Instead, friendship reaches us when we are alive. It lives in this world even after us. And our friends eat this precious food of friendship even when they are alive. So , friendship is not the food which the dead Man only eat  like fame. Instead, friendship is the food which the living men eat in companionship and in group. What a nice and touching comparison between fame and friendship the poet has made in this poem. I will remember this poem forever in my life.



Ritu Iyer

The Precious Boon Of Planet Earth-Water

Whenever I see Ocean which is fully filled up with water even though the water is highly salty I feel very very  Happy. Ocean is my weakness and a favorite. I always feel my heart light and pleasant whenever I see myself in the seashores and riverbeds. Rivers, Waterfalls, lakes, streams all give the Pleasure of water. In our Universe our Earth is the one and the only lucky planet which has been blessed with water. Rain is the supplier of water all over the world. Rainy Water preservation and Protection is the important issue all over the world.


In other planets like Mars, Moon, etc you can’t see even a drop of water. No water remained signs even you can see there. So we should thank god for his grateful deed of providing water to our earth. I daily Pray to God that very soon all the other Planets of our galaxy should have both drinkable and usable water and oceans in their land. Is No Life Without Air There And Without Water there is No survival at all. Undoubtedly water is an unique wonder of this earth. India’s Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi in all His Monthly Radio Program“Mann Ki Baat” surely gives a few Minutes talk for water and it’s savings. Let Me pray to God For more and more water for Earth and other planets also.



Ritu Iyer

Is Life A Struggle For One And All?

My Adamant reply is definitely a “Yes”. Yes, Life is a struggle for all. Without struggle We Can’t move forward in our long life and we can’t move the life also. Life is not an easy Task but is a struggling one. Even for a very Small Child it has to struggle a lot in its own way to speak, to understand our talks. When the tiny little Child’s walking time comes, it really has to struggle a lot to take a few steps with support but using its tiny little, soft legs. After this Struggle it has to struggle a lot on its own to walk without support and to run so if for a tiny child life is a struggle then what about us who are grown up human beings who have innumerable responsibilities and duties which are to be finished in our span of Life time.

Now, Let Me say A few Words of the word Struggle,


The original meaning of the word Struggle is to suffer a lot or take pain to meet our goals. To obtain success in our ambition or mission we have to struggle a lot. After a lots of struggle we get the positive result which is highly sweet. India’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s struggle in the months of 2014 before the Parliamentary  elections really gave him the sweet fruit of victory and he became India’s Prime Minister. So Struggle is the part and Parcel of our life to obtain our desires. Whenever I hear the word Struggle I remember India’s  Father Mahatma Gandhi Whose freedom struggle brought country India the Independence. So we must learn to take all the struggles of our life easily if we have to taste the grand success with 100% Happiness.


Ritu Iyer