Cry Cry Clumsy

Clumsiness creates danger and Destruction in almost all the places. The clumsy atmosphere creates one kind of fear in the mind of the viewers. Where there is no skill or cleverness in accomplishing a deed or managing a situation, the clumsiness enters. But in some essential fields like Defence, Space and Nuclear the Clumsy way of handling the situation brings disaster, destruction and fatal mass accidents, loss and causalities. In my Life, I get terrific fear on seeing the people who never do the task with skill and instead they create clumsiness and irreparable damage in the task. Whenever I fall Ill my Kitchen’s management and cooking task come under my Twin Children and My Husband. The kitchen in their hands goes to such clumsy, ugly atmosphere, that surely it takes at least two days to see my original beautiful Kitchen.


So we have to fear about those people who in their effort of helping us and reducing our burden, really takes the task to such a clumsy position that instead of help we have to do Double Triple work to get the Task in the right way. At those times our mind really thinks, if I had not taken the risk of getting those clumsy creator’s  help I would not have done the redoubled burden.

India’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s Slogan “Skill Development” really warns us about these clumsy creators. Mr. Modi asks all to select only highly skilful worker for the task so that clumsiness and the loss should be avoided and averted. Skill, talent, intelligence, perfection in doing the things, correctness in tasks are the needed things in today’s society.
Clumsiness is like a devil whereas skill is like a God.

Many times my lovingonly daughtercreates unknown kind of terror in my heart when she comes forward to help me to reduce my work loads burdens. But I am sure, my readers of this piece of writing, after sometime, you will see me doing severe hard work to correct the task which goes into unthinkable clumsy situation in her lovely little hands .

So please Wary of Clumsiness and Embrace Skill with Happiness.

Ritu Iyer,


Faithful Friendly Fences…

Whenever I see the word Fence, I at once remember my vast garden which is badly in need of a fence. Fence is a must for any field or garden to keep the stray animals and intruders away from them. My frequent requests for a nice fence for my beautiful garden went unheard by one and all. When I think of the fence being built in our Nation’s Border between our land and neighbourhood country’s land area, I strongly feel that fencing of our Nation’s all the borders is a must.

In the poem “Mending Walls” the poet Robert Frost says,” Good Fences Make Good Neighbours.” I feel Robert Frost is correct in saying this.
Recently in “The Times Of India” the word I again and again noted in the “European Refugee Crisis” is Fence and Fencing the Borders. Fencing the borders of 28 European Countries was the constant talk in Europe during the Refugee Crisis. I got shocked to see the Pitiable, sympathetic conditions of Fenceless European Countries. Can we Create fencing between two Countries when they are parted not with a land area but with water and ocean or rivers? Yes, says USA’ s Navy Experts. Now a days in American Navy a new but highly useful research is going on about the highly sophisticated technology for creating strong, impenetrable fencing between the nation’s which have common waters between them. So really my friend, in my life fence is the one and the only word without thinking of which and without pronouncing of which I can’t spend my day.

In my final talk I request our India’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi to take seriously American Poet Robert Frost ‘s  Saying,
“Good Fencing makes Good Neighbours” and request our PM to fence India Strongly in his period as PM. 

My Desire is to fence the field, to fence the garden, to fence the country and to spread Friendship and Fun.

Ritu Iyer