Terrific Tenants…

Before a few days in my blog you would have seen my “From Heaven To Home!”. In that piece I really wrote that my own house is already under occupation but the tenants are living there freely without paying the rent to me. Rentless tenants. They are the blue pigeons and little sparrows. Till now from 2005 to 2016 October both these birds community are freely living in my house with their families and children but I was not given rent at all. Innumerable child births also had happened. Now this month I am going to shift my residence from my present residence to our own residence. So this week the house cleaning and the “ Welcome Ceremony” all were done with grand success. My rentless tenants were kept away from this function cautiously. Till the function ended, my tenants kept them in the sunshades and neighborhood building places and even in the windows of my house and were watching all the proceedings with care and concern and worry. Meetings also were convened in their groups. “What to do now? Owners of the house will throw us away from this house?” At last one blue pigeon entered into my sitting room courageously and began to fly here and there. The ceiling fan of that room was on and it was about to die getting crashed in that running ceiling fan. My kids saved its life by switching off the fan at the perfect needed time. My twin children’s’ timely and clever action saved its life. Then the blue pigeon our tenant began to fly inside the whole house indirectly telling me ,” Aunty, Please don’t ask us to go out of your house. We don’t have any comfortable place in this winter to live with our tiny tots. Please we also will stay in this house but we promise we won’t interfere in your life with our young one. We will also live in your this house but without noise or quarrels with you or with our family members. Please Aunty let us stay here. Please Aunty don’t throw us away”.

 I asked, “So you tried to commit suicide in our running ceiling fan to threaten and to compel me to accept your request.”

Blue Pigeon

Blue Pigeon:Sorry Aunty. Please forgive me. I could not find any other idea other than this suicide idea to convince you.”

I: No, Blue Pigeons and Sparrows. See, these ten long years you were living in my house freely. I did not get any rent from you. Now I am badly in need of this house. I don’t have any other house for me except this own house. So you shift your family to neighbourhood buildings. I won’t allow you to stay in my tiny house. For my things themselves I don’t have enough place in this tiny house then how is it possible to keep tenants and their families in this house? Go away my friend.”

The Blue Pigeon again started to fly. It went into the kitchen and kept itself behind the water Syntex(Water Tank) which has been kept and fixed in the kitchen Attic. From that Syntex of the kitchen attic water connections also have been given to all the rooms and my house. The blue Pigeon sat comfortably behind the syntex. I and my son began war and efforts to take it away from that place. My daughter in her utter fear kept herself in the bedroom. She kept herself away from our mission of chasing the Rentless tenant away from our house. But all our efforts went in vain.

What happened at last? The blue Pigeon told me from its hiding place which is behind the big syntex :”Aunty, I see empty place here behind the syntex. You won’t keep anything here. We all can use this place as our residence. We will have safety and security here. We can lead a highly peaceful, secured life in this unused place of your house. Aunty  please allow us to stay in this unused area of your tiny house. “

You see readers This is my Personal experience. At last those clever highly intelligent, cunning Rentless tenants of my own house captured and occupied the secret, empty secured area which is behind the water syntex  and adamantly refused to leave my house. Now itself my house is under occupation of the tenants. The washing area is also under occupation of sparrows. So please my friends be careful of these non rent giving free tenants of our loving precious residences.
Mumbaiyaas (People Of Mumbai) only can live even in the attics. Rajkotians( People of Rajkot)  can’t live in the attic of a house. So my house is under the capture of Mumbaiyaas( Mumbai people type blue pigeons and tiny sparrows).
I am longing for Independence. Have any Ideas?


Ritu Iyer,



Flying Friends…

I fondly call the Birds as my Dear friends. In my loneliness, in my solitude, I feel Birds as my real companions. My little friends who are winged creatures are undoubtedly more powerful than me. The Reason is they can fly but I can’t fly. Human beings also fly but by sitting in the Aeroplanes, helicopters or rockets or other flying vehicles. Till date human race can’t move from place to place by flying with their own body or wings. I used to watch the little wonderful creatures of God by sitting in my chair in front of my writing table. Then I decided to catch their attention towards me and wanted to make me as their friend. I began to supply their sole food grains daily both in the Mornings and In the Evenings. Really the expected wonder happened. The little birds noticed the scattered grains in my garden and became the regular visitor to my house and garden. They even began to watch me also and began to wait for my arrival to the garden with a cup full of grains. In the beginning due to some hesitation and fear they did sudden move on seeing me in the garden even though they knew fully that I was there only for supply of their food.

Picture Credit: Sivarama V Iyer

After some Months, they dropped their idea of flying away on seeing me instead tried keeping themselves behind the trees of my garden. As soon as I left the place spreading the grains in my garden, they rushed speedily to the spot and tried to grasp the grain as far as possible of their beak. My friends don’t belong to one community or type only. So many types of birds became my friends and began to engage my time highly interestingly and joyfully. They used to talk among themselves but I could not comprehend their language. But I used to talk with them in Hindi.

The most Tiny size, the most finest size friend who is sparrow only tried to take advantage over my love by trying always to sit in the window of the room through which I used to watch them. Even some sparrows entered into my room itself and began to watch me by sitting on the ceiling fan and tube light. The other friends really got suspicious over the bold move of the sparrows. Among them I could Definitely say that the sparrows were the Happiest birds and the Pigeons were the most Sorrowful birds. I began to do research over the white and the Blue Pigeons by watching them particularly.

My Maid Servant told me one very big truth about the Pigeon’s food habits one day. My servant maid told me that “Juwar” grain is the highly favourite grain of the Pigeons and Pigeons don’t relish with full heart the “Bajra and Rice”. “Bajra and Rice” are the favourites of the Sparrows, Cuckoos, Mainahs, Crows and Some Jungli birds who come in the gathering of at least Twenties always for eating. Then I really purchased “Juwar” and spread “Juwar” for the Pigeons. All these attempts I really did to make and see the Pigeons(Big and the Young Ones) happy and carefree.

I took almost all the possible steps for the happy face and flying of my gardens Pigeons.
One day Two Blue Pigeons entered into my reading room via window and on the tube light first and then moved into the loft of that room. They began to watch me continuously and seriously from that loft and I surely knew that they were demanding my permission for their stay in my Study room’s loft. So at last on that day I came to know of the reason for the Sorrowful face of the pigeons.
The reason was Lack of Accommodation!

– By Ritu Iyer