A small write up on ‘The Lunchbox’ !

I keep writing several drafts of various things that I wish to share with my audience. And then I slowly lose motivation to write and don’t finish it. But today I wish to finish this draft and publish. So, this morning while scrolling through Instagram I came across this reel of the movie ‘The Lunchbox’. It is a 2013 Bollywood movie. This movie has a great impact on me. There are various reasons that I love this movie. I will list them one by one and I wish everyone watches this beautiful movie. I have a special place for this movie in my heart.

So the first reason I love this movie is the people who are playing those beautiful characters. Before I introduce the actors I would like to brief a little about the movie. In my first year of college, I came across something called ‘Mumbai Dabawalas’. Until then I didn’t know something like that existed. Our Sir mentioned that this whole ‘Mumbai Dabawala’ thing is being studied as a case study in Management courses in India. It was so fascinating! I always have a special fascination for Mumbai. I would like to thank cinema and its beautiful representation of Mumbai that has developed this love for that city inside me. So what is this term ‘Mumbai Dabawala’ ? ‘Dabawala’ in Hindi means someone who delivers lunch boxes. According to Wikipedia ‘Mumbai Dabawala’ constitutes a lunchbox delivery and return system that delivers hot lunches from homes and restaurants to people at work in India, especially in Mumbai. And I remember my Sir quoting that so far they have never made any mistake in delivering the lunch boxes. ‘Mumbai Dabawala’ plays a big role in this movie. This movie is about two people who happen to meet each other through this ‘Lunchbox’. The story is about ‘Ila’, a housewife. She cooks meal for her husband and through ‘Mumbai Dabawala’ sends it to his office. The second character of the movie is ‘Saajan’. He is a widower and lives alone. Suddenly one day he receives a Lunch box through the dabawala system. He is surprised as to who sent this. And from there the connection between ‘Ila’ and ‘Saajan’ starts to build. They start to exchange small notes over lunch box. Saajan thanks her for the food and they start to share different things about their life over letters.

Letters are so old school and romantic.The beautiful feeling of exchanging ideas over letters is always fascinating to me. The story slowly starts to develops and many interactions happen between them and it is a delight to watch them talk over letters. The characters are so well played by Irrfan Khan and Nimrat Kaur. The characters, the backdrop of Mumbai and the onset of rainy season kind of weather just made me fall in love the movie. I have a dream to visit to Mumbai and to travel in Mumbai locals, to encounter the endless rush and witness the crowd. All these things fills me up with so much admiration for that city. I won’t know how it actually feels until I actually visit it. I love trains, and movies that showcases trains and people travelling in them is my favourite thing.That’s another reason I love this movie. The train travels of Saajan keep changing as the story develops. Initial travels of his are shown to be very boring. He doesn’t care much about others and dwells into some sadness of himself while travelling. Later as the story starts to build with Ila he is seen to be more accepting of people around him. Even his interaction with the supporting character ‘Aalam’ changes over the course of time. Initially he is reluctant in discussing stuffs with Aalam and within short span of time he develops a brotherly bond with him. This developments happen due to the introduction of Ila in his life. The trains play a helping prop in this whole part. Ila at the same time discovers how she can do so much better in life and is probably living a loveless marriage. She thinks about going someplace better and living a happy life with his daughter. This development in her thoughts starts to come after talking with Saajan. They both change each other’s perspective towards life and help each other grow.

Other than the story, I cannot forget the beautiful inclusion of the song ‘Mera dil bhi kitna Paagal hai‘ from the movie ‘Saajan’ in this movie. I do not remember cherishing this song so dearly before watching this movie. I feel the way this song is added in this movie elevated my emotions towards this song.

All these things make this a perfect watch. There are several scenes which break your heart and make you realise that how much we human suppress our own emotions for the happiness of others. There is a scene between Ila and her mother. I cannot talk much about it over here, but it itself needs a special blog and elaborate discussion.

One of my favourite scene is however the train scene of Saajan and Aalam, where Saajan asks Aalam whether he has ever been to Bhutan. He asks this because Ila has planned to move to Bhutan and he wishes to move with her. To which Aalam says, he has never been there but its a beautiful place and says that one should go there. Saajan smiles listening to this. Aalam however adds ‘ Kabhi Kabhi Galat train bhi sahi Jagah Paucha deti hai‘ which translates to ‘Sometimes, the wrong train takes you to right destination‘. The scene ends with them laughing over this and the discussion ends over there.

Much later in the movie Saajan runs into self doubt and thinks about settling in Naasik. He drops the plan to go Bhutan with Ila. But, then he doesn’t catch the train and comes back home and thinks of some way of connecting back to Ila and going to Bhutan. The movie ends there and it is left to us to end the movie for ourselves the way we want it. I sometimes like open ended movies. They leave the scope to form our own story, give our own version of ending to it. We can add our own story to it and let it go on and on.

Today when I re watched this scene, and all the good memories associated to this movie came to me. This movie is very close to my heart. Sometimes I wish to play certain movie characters and If ever given chance I would really like to live the life of Saajan and receive those letters and lunch box from Ila. Wait for that lunch box to come to my desk and wait for those interaction over letters. I know that’s an impossible dream but heart wants what it wants. And hope is a good thing, I can always hope for such dreams to come true. That doesn’t cost anything. And as Ghalib says ‘Dil ko Kush Rakhne Ghalib yeh khayal achha hai’.

So I dedicate this post for this movie and I wish I get opportunity to watch such beautiful gems all the time and get to know such beautiful stories!




Self elevation through music !

Usually when I feel low, I choose a song and start to play it in loop. That gives me this feel good feeling. That song could be anything.

I have lately realised that how much impact music has on our mood. Since morning I haven’t been feeling so good. I woke up sad. I really don’t know why! I was just feeling a void and a doomed feeling in the morning. I felt as if there is nothing to look forward to that inspires me or motivates me to keep moving ahead. And since last two hours I am in constant anxious feeling. I really was not finding any ways to keep myself away from anxiety. I came to google for help. But nothing worked. In the end I guess I found peace in music.

I listened to some uplifting music and it helped me feel better. I am thankful for the presence of music, the innovation in the area of music and art that constantly makes one feel alive and better. I wonder how boring our life would have been without these things.

So, ending this post with this beautiful song lyrics,

Holding on

To see how life turns out

Killing the fallback time

I believe

Walking on

To see the lights turn on

During the time of dawn

I believe

~Believe (When Chai Met Toast) (https://youtu.be/EEKNZhJXEg0)



Lessons Learnt!

This picture here is of my 2018 Mumbai visit. It was taken by one of my friends. I have so many memories attached to this trip. For a long time, I thought that the memories were unpleasant. I denied believing that it was a good trip. One of the reasons that led me to this belief was my failure to accept myself.

Before coming to the part about the lessons learned, I would like to present the picture of what went on through my head during that time. In August 2018, my college organized a major Industrial visit to Mumbai. This Industrial visit also included a trip to Imagicaa and nearby places of Pune. Imagicaa is a theme park in Mumbai where there are various thrill rides and shows. I got the chance to experience those thrill rides. I sat in most of them. But I had no courage of sitting in any of them the second time. I managed to come back alive from those thrill rides! While sitting in them I was so afraid and panicked that I almost felt as if I would lose my balance and fall and die! Many of my friends went on and experienced it twice and thrice. But I remember standing in the corner watching them go and enjoy and not doing anything about it. I remember being sad that nobody pushed me hard to sit in them again and experience it again. For a long time, I was jealous of my friends, that they have experienced it more than once and I was upset with them. More than that I was upset with myself. I was not able to digest the part that I could be afraid of such things while people around me seem to enjoy it so well. I questioned and doubted myself. I wanted to be like them, fearless, confident, and cool. I was none of those things. So, in all the memory that I kept with myself was not how I managed to come back alive through that fear. For me, the Imagicaa experience was a disappointment. I started to believe that, if I manage to sit on that thrill ride again, probably I will be a better person and I would achieve something in life! So ultimately I ran into self-doubt and into a mission to be like everyone else.

During the same trip, we got to visit Shanivar Wada. It is a historical monument near Pune. This photo is taken in that place. It was the last day of our trip. While discussing with my friend about that trip, they reminded me of how I didn’t want to get clicked. I was constantly feeling uneasy in front of the camera and I was probably presenting this fake picture of myself that I don’t like getting clicked. I remember that time I thought it was so cool and I thought I was doing so much unusual by being this different person. But now that look back, I always wanted to get clicked. I wanted my good pictures. Even today I love getting behind the camera and presenting myself and getting random pictures of myself. Upon several requests from my friends, I agreed to get photographed. And this was the picture that was taken by one of my friends. That time I thought it didn’t look so good. I looked so imperfect! I wanted to look like those around me. Probably I wanted to look like the definition of beauty decided by the people. I wasn’t confident back then, because I didn’t believe in myself. I still am not confident but aware of a few things about myself. I didn’t believe that I was beautiful. I still get conscious in front of the camera and most of my photos speak that very well. But at that time I was unable to accept this imperfection of mine. I wanted to be some perfect person which I wasn’t.

So the whole trip was a disaster for me. I started to believe that I didn’t look so good and for me, it was a problem. My fear to sit on a thrill ride was a problem too. Until recently, I came to the realization that I failed to consider the good part of the trips and ignored them totally because of one bad incident which actually wasn’t that bad too. I remembered how I couldn’t sit on the thrill ride the second time, but forgot that I did manage to sit in them the first time even with so much fear inside me. I remembered that I didn’t look so good according to set beauty and figure standards, but failed to understand that I was being completely myself.

I don’t know why I put so much effort into being accepted, validated, and approved by others and did so little for myself in that process. Probably it is what most of us do most of the time. We want to be accepted by others and want to be perfect in terms set by the world. I put up this fake show of myself, a cool person who doesn’t like getting clicked. A fake show I wanted to do by showing off that I am not afraid of rides. A fake show of myself being this perfect being external to get included and feel included. But I couldn’t put up that show for long. Later I realized maybe I don’t like thrill rides. And it is okay! It is okay that I fear them. It is okay that I cannot sit in them. I don’t have to be fearless to be counted and accepted. I just have to accept that this is who I am and then the rest will accept too. I eventually am able to make peace with those who can enjoy thrill rides. I don’t have to be perfect in front of the camera. I just have to be myself. I don’t have to look good according to some random standards and don’t have to question myself every time I post something.

I feel good that I have learned these things now. Though now my issues are different, I am happy these issues have been resolved. I have become more self-accepting and started to notice more about myself recently. I think that’s a step closer to loving myself the way I am!



A small write up on ‘The Last of Us’ !

I recently finished watching this series ‘The Last of Us’ on Disney+Hotstar. While writing this post to express my feelings about the series I am listening to the exceptional background score of this series. The music by Gustavo Santaolalla is a pleasure to the ears. I remember the first time I had listened to the title music of the game version, I had felt like I had listened to it somewhere else before. Later, I discovered that the music director of the Indian movie ‘Dhobi Ghat’ was Gustavo Santaolalla. I cannot express how happy I was at that moment. Both the music albums are great and beautiful. They pull the right chords.

So coming back to this series. In a long time I haven’t watched any survival movie or series. The last survival series that I had watched was ‘Stranger Things’ and it was brilliant. I had a heard a lot about this series and I was waiting for all of its episodes to release to fully enjoy it. Also the cast includes one of my favourite actors ‘Pedro Pascal’. I was impressed by his short appearance in Game of Thrones.

I couldn’t hold myself back from watching this series. I knew about this game before through a friend. This series I watched in a single sitting. I couldn’t hold myself back from giving it all the time I had. I wish I could live a part of that story or the environment they had created. Like a sneak peak! It is beautifully created. The camera work is amazing, the story, direction, music everything is just pitch perfect. Though more than that I want to talk about the lead characters and how they have touched me.

If you have watched ‘Logan’ and loved it then there is no doubt that you are going to love this one. The story is about two main characters ‘Joel’ and ‘Ellie’. Joel losses his kid to the fungus outbreak in 2003 to a military firing. 20 years later he is still living his life in that guilt and trying to save his family, his brother Tommy. More than Tommy needs Joel, it is Joel who needs him. It gives him a sense of purpose to keep surviving in this new world where everything is vanished. There is no civilisation, law and order. People are just trying their bit to survive and do the best they can to protect their loved ones. Joel is also in the same journey as others but his journey is more driven by purpose of saving his brother than anything else.

The other lead character of the series is Ellie, who is an orphan and is surviving in a Firefly camp. She is probably the cure for the fungus outbreak since she is immune to the bite. So one thing lead to another and Ellie and Joel are together in a mission to take Ellie to a place where she can be examined and be used to prepare a cure.

Both of them don’t connect initially. They are together because both of them need something for themselves. Joel is more interested in getting to his brother while Ellie is just trying not to get killed and reach to a safer place. They have many interactions on the path and they aren’t so lovely. They both hide their vulnerabilities and show their tough sides to the other one.

I personally was touched how introduction of each new character in the series led to making the bond between Joel and Ellie stronger. From doing things for their own selfish needs, they slowly start becoming the protector of each other. Ellie finds a friend in Joel, someone whom she can trust and doesn’t want to lose him. While Joel finds his daughter in Ellie. He wants to protect her over his life.

In the end to save Ellie , he is ready to kill the whole world. He wishes to protect her over everything. More than she needs him, he needs her. I feel connected to Joel’s character. I could feel how lonely he would have been all those years and probably that’s why he made the safety of his brother the reason of his living. He lost his kid and he didn’t want to end up alone. Ellie says the same thing to one of the character that she fears ending up alone. Both the characters bond over their vulnerabilities. It just shows how many of us show that we are so strong and will survive this world alone, but deep down inside we all need someone whom we can take care of, who can take care of us. We all seek for a place of comfort and peace at the end of the day. And mostly that place is a person. A person who’s face you can wake up to in morning and feel the push to endure and survive for them. Ellie and Joel find each other on their way and I feel they both find meaning to live. To keep going on. In one of the scenes Ellie turns to Joel and says that ‘I will follow you wherever you go’. It just showed how she wanted him to be with her and she didn’t wanted to lose her newly formed friend. She lost everyone she had put faith in along the way and she for once wanted to live in peace. For Ellie, Joel was that place where she can find peace, love and trust.

I just wonder does anything else in the world matters at all? If we don’t have anyone to share it with, does anything we achieve matter? What if there was no Tommy, Ellie in the life of Joel ? That just makes the existence of Joel meaningless. Everyone and everything is so codependent!

In one of the scene Ellie asks Joel, ‘If there is no hope for the world, why bother going on?’. To which Joel responds ‘You keep going for family’. I cannot be more grateful to these characters, to show me how love is beautiful and it can heal all the wounds.

Thank you Joel and Ellie!




As I type this post I am listening to ‘Man Kunto Maula’ from Coke Studio Season 9 and I am at the same time feeling motivated to write something down about how thankful I am for a few things for their existence. Okay, long sentences short, I am thankful for the existence of music and thankful to myself to have discovered some really good albums. This is a totally impromptu post. I didn’t plan on writing this until the minute I am writing it. It sometimes feels nice. I need not write a sophisticated blog describing hows and buts and whys.

I don’t know when the whole music listening as a hobby started. I remember my childhood Sundays when we used to tune into TV at morning 8:30 to listen to a program called ‘Rangoli’. This was one and the only program at that time until my 4th Std to get aware of the songs released in recent times. Sometimes the program used to get telecasted early due to some other national programs and we used to miss it and used to regret missing it. Then radio came into our lives, where I used to tune in to live radio stations and listened to a lot many new releases. I remember the first song that I had downloaded then when I bought my first SD card, which by the way I still have. Back then the exposure to music outside Hindi music was very less, I would say nill. But then slowly I got exposed to music over Youtube and other Music streaming applications. Now, I have listened to good enough songs in languages other than Hindi. Along with the language barrier, I have also crossed the border barrier. I feel good that I got exposed to good music that exists outside my nation’s borders. It is a contentful feeling sometimes and sometimes I am left wanting more and to know more. I feel I should get exposed to a lot more and listen to a lot more.

Sometimes on days when I feel low, I tune into music that makes me feel alright. It feels nice to be aware. This post is to express how grateful I am for the existence of Music in my life.

Okay, I will end this post with some artwork I did while listening to the exceptional music of ‘Dhobi Ghat’.

A scene from movie ‘Salaam Bombay (1988).’


Talkative Tongue

Revival After 3 Years?

This post is impromptu. I realized that I haven’t written anything for like 3 years in this blog. I think of this very often and feel sad that I haven’t been able to find time to write something down. But today, I have started writing this post the very moment I thought of writing. So, I feel that’s some progress towards feeling a little better. So, I would like to revive this blog post with a kind of saying that I heard in the context of ‘Algorithms’. Well, algorithms are a core subject of Computer Engineering. This last statement is Just for information. So the saying goes like this, “The amount of time means nothing. The way the amount of time changes is what matters.” So, with that saying, 3 years break isn’t a loss if I keep posting regularly from now on. Let’s see how far this goes.


The Change Theory !

Night had fallen, dinner was done and now was the time to scroll through my phone screen searching out for new posts on Instagram, new likes on Facebook and just casual surfing through the Internet. Suddenly out of the blue a notification popped up on my screen. It was an email with the subject” Congratulations”. I was surprised and a lot more anxious. Most of the time these emails used to be from the Newsletters I have subscribed or any online courses that I might have joined. But this time upon opening this email I was unable to hold myself in my chair. The next thing I was doing was shouting, laughing in joy, calling my best friend and just holding myself together. The email was from my Institute. It was an email to Congratulate me on successfully passing an Interview. Upon passing it I now have been awarded with an opportunity to do the training in that company for the next few months starting from 1st of January.

I was beyond happy upon receiving this email. I was just too much happy and excited for this new thing that had just happened to me. It seemed as if all my efforts were finally reaching somewhere. I was up to something now. This brought me a new part of me. A happy and satisfied me. It felt as if all the success theories were finally making sense. So, it was all new happiness around me. Things were nice now. This time too I got an opportunity to be a part of a special program “Special Interest Group” held every semester at my Institution. It is a two-day program far from the subjective syllabus. It has fun discussions, various stage activities, various other small learning competitions and much more.

The program commenced after a brief Introductory speech by the Head of the Department of Computer Science Department. At the very beginning, the first slide that left us all thinking was a famous quote by the famous CEO of General Electric:

“If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, then the end is near.” – Jack Welch

Suddenly my brain started racing. This quote was the reality that I had to live. I realized that now that I have got this opportunity to receive the training from an industry it is never going to be the same as it used to be. Things are going to change now. People are going to be new. Environment is going to be new. Place is going to be new. There is actually a lot of external changes that are going to happen not only here with me, but with all who were going to be at different places.

Every stage of our life is a window to a new change. This achievement of mine was a window to the new things that are about to happen to me. Every opportunity is a chance to add something to us, to develop something new, to experience something new, to experience the new changes around us. This reminded of my time when I was in my 7th grade in School. I had participated in a Sanskrit role playing competition. I was very confident at the beginning when I had to audition for it. I got it. But as the time of performance came near and near I grew more frightened. I had to wear costumes. I had to present myself in front of people wearing that costume. I had to do something that I had never done before. On the very day of the competition I thought of backing out. I told my parents that I don’t want to perform. But somehow my parents made me do it. I am thankful to me as well as all those who motivated me to do it. Because if I had not experienced that, I might be regretting it now.


Something similar is about to happen now. Though there is an excitement to be a part of this opportunity, still there is a lot more fear and anxiety of how things would work out. Training is an important part of Engineering. I have the chance to do the training and many other like me. But what now? We got it. Does it end here? No!

Now is the Journey to Embark. All our childhood we grew up hearing that change is inevitable and that change is an important part of our life. We all experience new changes in our lives. We sometimes fight against it. But, Change is a part of the reality that we live. Its magical how our whole journey revolves around Change. It’s a change that starts a journey. It is the most beautiful as well as the most brutal truths of our lives. Its upon us to make the final move. We can accept it , move out of our comfort zones and realize our hidden strengths or reject and regret it for the rest of our lives.

Its upon us to make the most of what Change brings to us.







Thunders or Tenants ?

My dear readers of our blog Talkative Tongue, I have come again before you after a short period, taking my rent less tenants’ new activities before you. Yes, the blue pigeons who have occupied some considerable portions of our residence without taking our permission are not paying any rent to us but their behaviours are exactly the behaviours of the tenants. Dropping off the precious white eggs in the air has not yet stopped and our kitchen washing area pigeons also enacted this act of dropping off the eggs in the air episode. Helpless pigeons, busy pigeons who don’t even have time to sit in a place for a considerable enough time to lay the eggs in a place properly. Next my broomstick came under the severe, constant attack of the kitchen tenants in their constant continuous effort of building their safe heavens nest in our kitchen Maliya(Attic). Now my daughter’s room’s cupboard is also under occupation ! There also one good fine nest was built but I removed it and recovered all my sticks of my broomsticks. So my broomstick got thinner over thinner size because the sticks of the broomstick were taken daily continuously for the building work of the nests in the kitchen and bedroom. In my counter attack the sticks were taken from the nests and the broomstick was again given its original fat size. Let us come to the front room tenants. Now also the computers and books are under attack. We are threatened again and again by them and by their free flying inside the rooms so we are pressurized to live without having fans. The fans should not be operated.  The running fans are disturbance to their free flying inside the house. So, in our daily life the tenants have stopped our freedom.


Our tenant’s friends are also visiting our house. Their behaviour always give me the feeling that they are our security people. They can’t talk. They can’t do anything to protect us. But I am dead sure that they understand our conversations. They even show that they are following our talks. So now even if they are non rent giving tenants , they have become indispensible part of our lives. Even the research scholars who visit our house for their PhD Thesis discussions with the head of the family have come to know of them. During the discussions going on between the PhD guide and the PhD students our beautiful pigeons of the front room also watch the proceedings by sitting over the computer and over  the mathematics books  and table. With full attention and care and observation they see the discussions and hear them.

So now our tenants are obtaining their advanced level Maths knowledge. I spend my free time talking with them and watching them. Oh! About the quarrels happening among them? Yes the quarrels are going on daily. Sometimes Moti and Smarty (the front room tenants) have high level quarrels between them. The kitchen pigeons quarrels,  the quarrels between Sadda and Sadmi also is unending. We don’t have way or means to stop their quarrels to bring peace into the lives of the World peace symbols who are pigeons.


Ritu Iyer,


Biography of Pigeons !

What happened? What is the latest development or recent developments in my life which is under the steady occupation of my non- rent paying tenants who are the beautiful blue pigeons? So, what are the recent actions of the Beautiful Blue Pigeons against me? This question is frequently asked to me by my blog readers. I convey my sorry for my absence in the blog for a long time. The reason is my tenants. Now my house has separate tenants in separate rooms. They are kitchen, balcony couple, front room pigeon couples and my daughter’s room’s pigeon couple. They all laid eggs but mysteriously they themselves refused to hatch the eggs. Kitchen pigeon laid eggs (three in count) but it itself forgot the action and it unexpectedly and shockingly took those eggs which were its own as the eggs of the front room pigeons. Hectic quarrels happened between kitchen couples male and female pigeons. Female till the end refused to sit over its own eggs for hatching them to deliver the young ones. At last the eggs were broken and smashed by the female pigeon taking them as illegitimate eggs (eggs from the front room couple) Why should I hatch these eggs when they are legally not my own? This was kitchen female’s question.

Our own house got rattled on seeing this brutal affair. The front room pairs also gave us rude shock by dropping the egg in the air. Yes, the female pigeon of the front room was as usually sitting over our computer keyboard. But on that special day for several hours it was sitting to lay eggs in that place. But at the last minute it left that place and flew towards the window and it dropped the egg while it flew towards the window. Dropping eggs while flying happened and the egg which got dropped by the female while flying fell over my Civil Engineering son’s books. That couple also refused to accept the dropped egg as their own. We tried a lot to convince them. But here the male pigeon spoke. The male pigeon refused to allow the female to hatch the eggs which female dropped while flying telling the reason that the dropped eggs can’t be taken as legal eggs. What about my daughter’s room pigeons. The female itself forgot the act of laying eggs. It refused to sit over the eggs for hatching it and deliver young ones. So the eggs remained uncared and unattended for several days. Why? The reason told was “Aunty, we are very busy. For hatching process we have to sit over the eggs for several days and so many hours. I cannot do all these things.” I asked” Then what can we do our room pigeon? What should be done with these eggs? Spend some time for hatching. It is your duty”. The reply was,” We are so busy Aunty. We don’t have time. Do anything with them. It is up to you.” Then I put those neglected eggs in the place of kitchen pigeons. No response. Then I put them in front room’s place. No response and severe shouting happened and then severe quarrels and attacks happened. Those eggs were kept in the dustbin at last. Daily I have to spend my precious time in compromising them because they quarrel seriously. Pigeons are the symbols of peace. But pigeons quarrel a lot and that also in the style of war which is “Do or Die” Method.

I find it very difficult to bring peace and friendship among them. I enjoy watching pigeons of my house. I like talking with them. So at last my houses tenants are not mere tenants now but the part and parcel of my house. The reason is all the members of my family treat them as the main members of our house. Tenants are now our thoughts.



Ritu Iyer, Gujarat